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How to watch and enjoy dynamic photo album music slide show on Zune, PSP and Archos

How to watch your dynamic picture slideshows on Microsoft Zune, Sony PSP, Archos? Wow, it seems an interesting topic. Many people would like to play their music picture slide shows on the mobile digital player device like Microsoft Zune (HD, 30G, 2, 4.0), Sony PSP (1000, 2000, 3000, Go), Archos Android (405, 605, 705, 8, 9, 28, 32, 43, 70,101). But they do not know how to create a digital image video slide show (MPEG-4, H.264) with music and put it on the mobile player device to watch and play.

As you know, picture slide shows with music are more wonderful than the still image album on the mobile digital player device to show off yourselves. You can make or create dynamic MPEG-4 or H.264 movie in mp4 format from your image gallery and song to play and watch your picture slideshows on Microsoft Zune (30G, 2, 30G, 4.0), Archos Android (4.5, 605, 705, 8, 9, 28, 32, 43, 70, 101) and Sony PSP(Go, 3000, 2000, 1000) easily.

Before you put and watch your image gallery video (MPEG-4, H.264) in mp4 format on Sony PSP, Microsoft Zune and Archos mobile media player device, you need to make the movie slide shows with from your picture album and music on your computer at first.

Photo to Movie Converter (Free Download Here) is considered into be the best mobile player slide show maker app software, which allows you to convert your still image gallery with music to the dynamic MPEG-4 and H.264 movie in mp4 format easily. With the best mobile digital player slide show app software, you will get your animated photo album music video slideshows to play, watch and enjoy on PSP, Zune and Archos in simple steps.

How to make or create your picture gallery video slide shows

Before you create H.264 and MPEG-4 movie slideshows, you need to download the Photo to Movie slide show Converter and install it on your computer at first.

  • Part1. Add images and create album

Run the slide show app software and click “Add” to import your pictures from computer and create. You can also arrange the picture order in the album.

  • Part2. Decorate pictures and set transition effects for slideshows

Double click one image and there will pop up a “Photo Configuration” window, where you could decorate images from slide shows.

set animating transition effect

  • Part3. Set animating transition effects and add background song

Go to the “Transition & Music” tab. You can set the animated transition effects for your video slide shows. To make audio H.264 or MPEG-4 movie slide show, you can add background song. Click “Add” to import your music. The slide show app software allows you to add multiple songs.


  • Part4. How to Pick a related theme for slideshows

pick a theme

Go to “Album Theme” tab, where you could pick an animated theme for the music slide shows. If you are satisfactory with this theme, you can preview it on “Album Preview” tab.

  • Part5. How to convert photo gallery slide show with music to MPEG-4 or H.264 video

publish slideshow

Go to “Video Output” tab, where you can choose a video output format for slideshows. For example, if you want to play on watch music picture slide shows on Archos Android(28, 32, 43, 70, 101, 4.5, 605, 705, 8, 9), you will choose “Archos Movie” as output; if you want to watch photo album slide show on Sony PSP(Go, 3000, 2000, 1000), you will pick “PSP MPEG-4 Movie” as output; if you would like to enjoy image gallery slideshows on Microsoft Zune(30G, 2, 30G, 4.0), you will choose “HD Video” and pick “MP4 Movie(*.mp4) as output.
When all is ready, you click “Create Now!” to convert image album slide show with song to MPEG-4 video in mp4 format.

Watch and enjoy your dynamic image gallery music video slide shows

After the conversion is complete, you will get your dynamic photo gallery slideshow with background music and animated transition effects. Then you will put the picture album video slide shows on Zune, PSP or Archos to watch and enjoy.