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How to make a video advertisement ( ads ) for Advertising your business on youtube ?

Youtube is a famous video sharing website allows you to to do advertising business with an advertisement video on it. And you can promote your business product with video ads on youtube freely. To make a video advertisement for posting on youtube , you just need to get your business product photos and convert them to a attractive ads video. With an eye-catching advertisement video, you can get much traffic from youtube and improve your business easily. ( Free Download the powerful Video Advertisement Maker )

To make a video ads, you need to know the supported business advertisement video formats on youtube. There are the following ads video formats can be supported :

WMV, 3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MKV, h.264 .

You can choose your favorite business advertisement video format for yourself. For example, you can make 3gp video ads, avi video ads or create advertisement video in mp4, mpeg, flv, h.264 or mkv formats for posting on youtube to achieve the goal that advertising your business .

How to make your own ads video for advertising business on youtube ? You need to get a video advertisement maker at first. Good video ads should be have the clear product photos, impressive description, attactive introduction, so you need to get a powerful advertisement video maker which allows you to make a clear and eye-catching business ads video for posting on youtube. DVD Photo Slideshow Professional is a powerful ads video maker that allows you to make all kinds of formats of video advertisement for advertising business on youtube.

How to make your eye-catching business video advertisement ?

add ads video music

  • 1. Import your business ads photos

As an powerful advertisement video maker, DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to add business product photos easily.Click"Add" button on the ads video maker function panel ,then you can arrange the ads photo showing order . To make an attractive youtube advertisement video, you can add the background music or your own voice to the ads video. As for me, I like to add my own voice for describing my business product on Youtube with this ads video. You can add more than 1000 business product to make ads video for advertising on youtube.

youtube advertisement video theme
  • 2. Choose ads video themes, transition effects and decorate the advertisement video

You can also set the youtube ads video themes and the transition effects in the advertisement video maker to make your video more attractive .The powerful ads video maker has many build-in video themes for you. To make animating ads videos, you should also set the transitions.There are about 260 transition effects built-in the youtube advertisement video maker.You can select your favorite transition effects for your business ads video. Another import point is to add the text on the business photos. You can click one of photos and there will be a "Photo Configuration" window, then you can add the description text to the business photos of advertisement video.

youtube ads video output

  • 3. Convert the photo albums to your favorite business advertisement video for posting on youtube

The powerful ads video maker allows you to choose your favorite format of business advertisement video for youtube. You can choose the "Output Format" as "Youtube Uploadable Movie " and select FLV format to make your ads video. As a advertisement video maker, DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to make all kinds of formats of business video ads for posting on youtube like FLV, 3GP, MP4, MOV, MKV, MPEG, H.264, AVI . You can make your favorite ads video at your pleasure for posting on Youtube.


  • 4. Post your business video advertisement on Youtube

When all is ready, then you can click "Create Now!" button to convert the business photos to your ads video. If the advertisement video is converted completely, then you can preview it on your PC at first ,then Post this creative ads video on YouTube for advertising your business. And you can see that your video advertisement is alive on YouTube.

Now, you have known how to make a video advertisement for promoting business on YouTube.


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