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How to make or create YouTube anime slideshows with muisc

YouTube anime slideshow is a kind of dynamic and eye-catching movie slide show on YouTube. How to create your own anime movie slide shows easily for publishing on Youtube? It will become a simple thing if you use video creator app software to make or create your anime slideshows. Photo to Video Creator ( Free Download Here)is said to be an idea youtube movie maker for users to make dynamic anime slide shows.

With this idea video slide show Creator, you can make the dynamic anime slide shows from photo collection with music and publish the eye-caching slide shows on YouTube easily. There are just some simple steps for you to create your own slideshows to show off yourself on YouTube.

As an easy-to-use slide show maker, it allows you to add picture, arrange slideshow playing order, edit photograph, decorate image, choose transition effects, set theme and add background music. There are some simple steps for you to make dynamic YouTube anime slideshows with this movie slide show Creator.

How to make your dynamic anime slideshows with this video maker software

1: Add your photographs, create the picture album, add music to the slide shows

Click “Add’ button on the movie creator application software to add your pictures from your computer and it will build a slide show picture album automatically for you. You can also set the slideshows playing order so that it looks nice when playing on YouTube. To make your dynamic anime slide show attractive, you can also add more than one pieces of background music to it, but the anime slide show time should be longer or equal the song duration time.

add song to slideshow

2: Set the anime slide show transition effects, decorate the pictures in the album, choose the theme

Click “Transition &Music” button to set the transition effects for images in the album. There are all kinds of dynamic transition effects including in the movie slide show maker app. To edit your image in this album, please double click one of images and it will pop up a “Photo Configuration” window, where you can decorate your photos so that your anime slide shows be looked eye-catching while playing on YouTube.

choose theme for slide shows

You can also choose a proper built-in theme for your dynamic video slideshows in this video creator app software. For example, if you want to make anime wedding slide shows for publishing on youtube, you can choose a wedding theme for slideshows. After you choose the proper theme, you can preview the anime picture slide show in "Album Preview" tab.

Step 3: Choose your favorite output format to publish slideshows

output slideshows

Click “Video Output” button on the movie creator to the output window, where you can choose various video outputs like MPEG-4, FLV, MOV, AVI, H.264, 3GP, MKV, MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4 for publishing anime slide show. Choose "YouTube Uploadable Movie" as output and select MP4, flv or HD movie. When all is ready, you click “Create Now!” to output your song anime video slide shows.

How to upload your free creative anime movie slideshows on YouTube ?

When the conversion is complete, you will get your dynamic anime slide shows with music. You can play them on your PC to have a preview. If you think your these slideshows are perfect for you, you may begin to upload the movie slideshows to YouTube video space. When the uploading is OK, you will enjoy your dynamic song slide show on YouTube at your pleasure.


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