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ideas: How to create a playable HD wedding photo gallery DVD/CD

How to view and watch your sweet and unique wedding pictures on TV? The way is to make a playable HD Wedding image gallery presentation slide show DVD/CD with song and play on TV with a DVD/VCD player. View or Watch gallery with lots of digital wedding images for the brides and grooms at the wedding reception ceremony on TV in DVD, VCD 2.0 or SVCD format seems interesting.

ideas: How to make a free unique HD wedding reception slide show with music?

To create a free playable HD picture DVD/CD disc with song. You need to get a high definition Photo DVD Maker or projector? With a image DVD/CD Maker or projector, you could burn your memorial gallery onto a DVD/CD disc. You can make high definition playable unique DVD or SVCD reception presentation slide shows.

Before you make your sweet and unique HD picture DVD/CD, you need to free download the Picture DVD projector and install it on your computer at first. There are some simple steps for you to make a digital image DVD/CD.

The following ideas will show you some tips about how to make unique HD digital DVD, SVCD or VCD 2.0 gallery presentation slideshows.

Tips 1: Organize photos and Create picture album

On the "Organize Photos" window of the slideshow projector, you can add pictures and create at least one album. After you create image gallery, you can customize the album by adding, deleting photos, arranging the order of pictues during slide show playback, adding captions for photos, selecting transition effects.

wedding photo screenshot

If you are not satisfied with your album, you can click the thumbnail of the album to remove it. But do not worry, when you delete a album, all photographs will be removed, but the original photographs in your computer hard drive will not be deleted.

Tips 2: Add sweet wedding background music to reception slide show presentations

On the "Transition & Music" tab of this slide show projector, you can add background music to slideshows. You can add multiple songs to gallery slide show. You can also set the animating transition effects for the slide show picture transition.

Song ideas: You could add family songs, funny songs, upbeat songs, friends songs or country songs.

add sweet wedding music

Tips 3: Choose a dynamic flash wedding theme for slideshows

On the " Album Theme" tab of the projector, you could choose a wedding theme for your image album slideshows. You can also design the theme by setting all kinds of parameters such as the Title, Duration, Effect, Font size. On the "Album Preview" tab, you can preview the slide show theme effect.


Tips 4: Pick a beautiful menu for presentation slide shows

Once you have all your album ready, it’s time to build a menu system. Go to the "Choose Menus" window of the projector, where you can choose a beautiful wedding theme menu. You can customize the menu by adding your favorite background music in WAV or MP3 format or using the wedding background image in JPEG, JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP format.

Tips 5: Burn the picture album slide shows on to a DVD/CD disc

On the "Burn Disc" window of the slideshow maker, you can choose your reception presentation slide shows output. If you want to create playable HD DVD reception Slideshows, you need to choose "DVD Video Disc" and input your DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW into the burner. If you want to create SVCD or VCD 2.0 slide shows, you need to choose "SVCD Video Disc" or "VCD 2.0 Still Image Disc" and input CD-R/RW disc. When all is ready, you will press "Burn Now" button to burn your wedding albums to a blank DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW disc.

ideas: Before burning, some parameters must be set ( You can learn the tips about how to set the TV systen parameter )

After the burning is complete, you will get your HD Wedding Picture presentation DVD/CD. you can play the disc on your computer at firstr. If you think it is OK, you will play it on TV with DVD/VCD player. You will view or watch your HD unique wedding gallery slideshows(DVD, VCD 2.0 or SVCD) on TV with animating transition effects and sweet background music.

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