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How to play a DVD/CD/Blu-ray Slideshow movie on Sony PlayStation 3

With a Sony PlayStation, you can watch and view your animated photo album slideshow in a special way. Before you play your disc on your Sony PlayStation, you can also learn some knowledge below:

CD disc:PS/PS 2 CD-ROM
DVD disc: PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM
Blu-ray disc: PlayStation 3 BD-ROM

In according to the list above, you know that:

a. PS can just play CD disc.
b. PS2 not only can play CD disc, but also play the DVD disc.
c. PS3 can play all discs: CD disc, DVD disc, HD Blu-ray disc.


a.If you want to see or watch Photo Slide show CD movie, you will play it on your Sony PS, PS 2 or PS3.
b. If you want to watch or see HD DVD Photo Slideshow movie, you will play it on your Sony PS 2 or PS3.
c. If you want to see a HD Blu-ray Slideshow movie, you will play it on your Sony PS3.

Note: Photo DVD Slide Show Maker is an easy to use Slide show maker that allows you to create HD photo CD slide show, DVD slide show or Blu-ray Slideshow movie that can be watched on your Sony PlayStation, PlayStation2 or PlayStation3 easily.(How to create your picture DVD Slideshow and view on TV)

With the Slideshow Maker, you can collect your pictures and music, make dynamic slide show and burn to CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, which can be played on the Sony PlayStation 2 or 3 easily. And you can watch your movie slide shows in a special way.