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upload homemade HD video to web, downloading DVD from website

How to create homemade HD DVD movie and upload to website for downloading

Many people always would like to create homemade HD DVD movie and upload to website for visitor downloading from web site, but they do not how to do this. Now, this is an indirect way for you to make homemade HD DVD movie and upload to your web site for visitor downloading and watching on TV.

To upload HD homemade DVD video to your website for visitor or customer to download for watching on TV, you also need know some other thing at first. DVD movie contains music files, video files and other relevant multimedia files, so you can’t upload it to web site for user to download directly. You need to change high definition DVD video to another format like ISO image file, which allows visitor or customer downloading to PC and burn onto DVD disc that could be watched on TV.

How to create or make your HD DVD video in ISO image file format? You need to get an ISO file maker at first. Picture DVD Slide Show Maker is an easy-to-use HD homemade Movie slide show Creator for users. With this slide show Maker, you can make homemade Slide Show DVD movie in ISO image file format, which you can upload to website for user to customer to download and burn onto a DVD disc.

The following guides will show you how to create HD Slide Show DVD in ISO image file format.

Download the Photo DVD Maker and install it on your computer at first. Now let’s begin to create HD homemade Picture Slide Show DVD.

1: Import picture to the creator

Run the make and press “Add” to import your pictures or images to this Image DVD creator. You can add more than 1000 photos to the maker to make slide shows.

2: Decorate photograph

decorate pictures

Double click one image and there will pop up “Photo Configuration” window, where you can use some special elements to decorate the picture one by one.

3: Set transition effects, add background song

In the “Transition & Music” tab, you could add song as background music to the Slideshows. You can add multiple songs if you want. You can also set the dynamic transition effects for the Picture slide shows.

4: Choose a proper theme for the DVD slideshows

choose theme for slideshows

Go to the “Album Theme” tab, where you can choose a proper theme for the picture slide shows. And in the “Album Preview” tab, you can preview your image slide shows.

5. Pick a beautiful Menu for Slide show DVD

In this “Choose Menus” window, you could pick a menu for your DVD slideshows. For example, if you want to make a Christmas slide show, you may choose a Christmas theme menu for the slideshow.

6. Convert the image slide shows to DVD movie in ISO image file format

In this “Burn Disc” window, you may choose “DVD video disc” as the output. Then you check "Create Disc image files" option and uncheck “Burn to DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW Disc “option. You also need to select a folder to save your ISO image file. When all is ready, you press "Burn Now" button to create image file.

The ISO image file will be saved in .ISO format after burning. You can also use other free burning software (like ImgBurn) to have a try to burn this ISO image file onto a disc on your computer at first.

How to upload the ISO image file to your web site for downloading

If you think the creative image file is OK, you can use a compression tool to compress it and upload it into your website for users or visitors to download to burn into a DVD disc for playing on TV.

How to download and burn the image file into DVD disc

When the visitors or customers visit your web site, they can download the ISO file to their PCs, then use the burning software to burn the downloading image file onto DVD disc. But they also need to download the free burning software and install it on their computers at first. It is easy to do that.

Download free burning software (ImgBurn)


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