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Plugins: How to embed Flash slideshow Gallery in Typepad blog website

Typepad is a blog website and it allows users to add flash player for sharing image albums slideshows. How to embed a Flash player with Slide show albums into Typepad blog? Inserting picture albums in typepad blog is a cool way for sharing your pictures on typepad. To upload your image gallery slides into Typepad blog article, you need to make your picture album using a slide show widget plugin.

Flash Slide show Widget (Free Download it ) is said to be one of the best Typepad image album plugins for users. With this widget, you can make your best gallery slide shows in simple steps. You can create flash player slideshows using the plugin and upload the related files into typepad website article.

The tutorial below will teach you how to make a pro player picture gallery using the widget.

Before you create your free image gallery slide shows, you need to free download the album Plugin and install on your computer.
Some simple steps that for you to make image player slideshows pro.

How to create picture gallery slideshows and embed player into Typepad blog?

dynamic image slide shows created by Flash Slideshow Widget Pro

  • 1. Run the widget Pro and click “Add” to add your picture files into it.
  • 2. Decorate the images for gallery slide show. Double one picture and there will pop up an “Edit Photo” window, where you can decorate the pictures of album. For example, you can add the links, description and title to the pictures.
  • 3. Choose a template for slideshows. The widget pro offers users the basic and advanced templates for sharing pictures. If you choose the advanced tempaltes, you can preview the flash player with slides inside the plugin. You can also set the height and width for the player.

choose templates

  • 4. Insert music files into slides. In the advanced template window, you can click “+” on the right bottom to insert your music files. The plugin allows you to add multiple audio files.
  • 5. Publish mage gallery slide show pro. Go to the “Publish” window and choose “Create Flash Files and Upload to” to upload your album slide shows to get the picture album code for embedding into Typepad blog.


Tutorial: How to embed the image gallery files into Typepad blog?

slide show plugins

You do not need to embed files, you just need to get the code for embedding the player. After you upload the album slide shows to Skyalbum, you will be led to a albums page. In this opened albums page, you will see the gallery lists and the code. You can get the slideshow code from “Embed” or “Post MySpace”.

After you get the free gallery slide show code, you need to copy and embed it into your Typepad blog website article. After you pubblish your post, you will see the player with the slideshows.

It is easy create the best dynamic gallery slide shows with the widget and embed your albums in to Typepad blog website.

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