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new and special tips: how to sell photos online and earn more money

Many Photographers are looking forward to making more money by increasing their photographs sale business and enhancing photograph market, but they do not know how to use a new but special way to make and earn more money for their business online. They just only use the traditional way to sell photos to customers and earn less money.

New but Special photograph sale tips(ideas) about how to sell images and earn extra money for photography sale business.

  • 1. Selling photos directly online. You can sell images on your own cyber shop, ebay, alibaba online to your customers to earn money.
  • 2. Selling photos as DVD, CD, Blu-ray disc product. For example, you can burn the digital pictures to a DVD, CD or blu-ray disc and put the Photos DVD or CD discs product on your cyber shop, ebay, alibaba for sale to customers online easily.(I suggest this selling tip for selling photos because a Picture CD or DVD can be played on TV and your customers can also watch pictures on TV easily)

This new and special photogaphs sale tips will show you how to create a HD Picture DVD for selling on ebay, alibaba or your own cyber shop online to make extra money easily.

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To make a pictures DVD for sale, you need to get a Professional Pictures DVD Maker, which allows you to make HD image DVD, CD or blu-ray disc product that can be put on ebay, alibaba or other cyber shops for selling to your customers to make money. Download the HD pictures DVD Maker free to install on your computer.

There are some simple steps for making a Photographs DVD for sale.

Step 1: Add photos, create image album

Run the DVD Maker and click the “Add” button to import the relevant pictures to the Slideshow DVD Maker. You can add more than 1000 pictures, but this depends on the capability of the disc.

Step 2: Decorate images, add background music and set transition effects.

Double click one picture, and there will pop up a “Photo Configuration” window, where you can decorate images. In this “Transition & Music” tab, you can add background music from PC or CD disc.

Step 3: Choose a theme and Pick a beautiful Menu template.

In the “Album Theme” tab, you can choose a related theme. For example, if you want to make wedding slide shows, you will choose a wedding theme. On this “Choose Menus” window, you also need to choose a relevant menu for Slide show DVD. For example, if you create a wedding image DVD, you will pick a Wedding theme menu.

wedding photograph theme menu


Step 4: Burn the image slide shows to the DVD disc.

On the “Burn Disc” window, you choose “DVD video disc” as the output and press “Burn Now!” to burn slide shows to a DVD disc. In a few minutes, you will get a HD Pictures Slide show DVD for sale.

burn slideshows to dvd disc

Step 5. How to put your photograph product on ebay, alibaba or other cyber shops for sale?

Before you sell the Pictures DVD disc product to customers ebay, alibaba or your own other cyber shops, you need to have a review it on your computer and TV at first. If the images product is OK, you will put it on your cyber shop, ebay or alibaba for sale. You will upload some screenshot pictures of your photography product to these online shops and add some related description. Then, it is time to sell your images online to customers for making money easily.

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