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Showcase One: Wedding Slideshow



• Multi-albums

• Trimmed background music

• Add titles and credits


Create Multi-albums

1. We can create more than one album in the slideshow. Click New in the slideshow tool bar and you will see a pop-up window and enter your desired album name. We enter Happy Holiday and click OK to return the main window and we can see a new album has been created.

Create Multi-albums

At the same time, choose Save/Save As in the File menu and save the project as Merry Christmas,too. Now, let's modify photos at once.

2. We can also make use of Batch Collect to create more than one album. Right-click on the slideshow list panel and you will see a pop-up menu like this:

Batch Collect

Choose Batch Collect and you will see another pop-up window as follows:

Batch Collect

Please check the folder contains photos and then click OK button. Albums with the same name of folders will be added to the slideshow and all the photos in the folder will be added to the album.

3. If you want to delete the selected album, you can also right-click on the selected album thumbnail and choose Delete Album. You can also remove the album by clicking Delete button on the slideshow tool bar.

Trim Background Music

Sometimes, we will find the duration of the added background music does not match with the slideshow duration and it is necessary for us to trim the music to make it fit for show. Moreover, if we want to add more than one audio file to the album, we need to trim the audio files respectively and make use the favorite part of the music. The following steps show how to trim music with DVD Photo Slideshow.

2.We find that the music duration is too long, while the show duration is so short. We can click to match slideshow to the audio and this will make the slideshow become as long as the audio is. On the other hand, we can trim the music and make it match with the slideshow duration. Click Trim button or double-click the selected background music in the list:

Trim Background Music
Click play button to preview the selected music and then click Start Point button to set the starting point of the trimmed background music and click the End Point to set the ending point. You can see the duration time in the timer. You can set the starting and ending point just by clicking on the indicator. We can see the transition duration only lasts 45s and we'd better trim the music to 45 s, too. Click OK to apply the setting and you will see the length of time line is same to the slide duration.

3.You can add more than one audio file to the slideshow and you just need to repeat the former operations to match it with the slideshow. If your audio duration is shorter than show duration, you can check the Loop Audio option to play added music repeatedly.

Add Titles and Credits

1. Click the Album Theme tab in the Organize Photo window. Select an album theme from the provided templates in the right panel. Enter titles and credits in the pane below and set their font, size, color and effect in this pane, too.

Add Titles and Credits

2. We enter Wedding Day in the titles text pane and set its font size as 75 and font color as purple. Moreover, we select an effect in the drop-down list for the titles and we select Diamond effect. Then we continue to make settings for credits. We can click Preview to preview the final effects at once.
3. In order to match with our slides, we select album theme for weddings in the right panel and just click it to apply it to the album. After we click the selected theme, we can see its motion effect in the preview window immediately.
4. We can make any change by repeating the operations.