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Showcase Five: Soccer Slideshow


• Randomize all the transition

• Add other art clip

Randomize All the transition

We can randomize all the provided transition effects to the album simply by right-clicking on the transition List panel or the slide panel in Transition&Music window, and choose Randomize Photo Transition from All Available Transitions in the pop-up menu.

Randomize Transition Effects

Add Other Artclips

Double-click the selected slide and view the Photo Configuration window.

Add More Art Clips

1. Click ArtClip tab and then click More button to select desired image in the file browse panel. Click Open to add the selected one to the slide.

2. Select the added art clip and resize it with drag-and-drop.

3. Drag and drop the art clip to the desired position. If neccesary, right-click on the added art clip and choose Apply to All Photos in the menu.