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Showcase Four: Graduation Slideshow


• Subset of transition effects

• Make use of some default setting

Subset of Transition Effects

Actually, we have three options for transition effects:

Transition Options
1. All: click this button to see all the transition effects in the transition effects list below.
We can see all the transition effects are applied to the slideshow randomly.
2. Subset: click this to see the pop-up Randomize Transition Effects window and we can select only several transition effects and apply them to the slideshow randomly.

Subset of Transition

Click Add to add selected transition in the left Unselected Transition Effect panel effect to the slideshow. The added effects will be shown in the right panel. Click Remove to delete unsatisfied one. We can also click Add All or Remove All to add or remove all the built-in transition effects. Check the Default setting for next new album option to apply the same transition effects randomly to the next album in the slideshow. Click Randomize to finish setting. We choose four transition effects to apply them to the slideshow randomly.

3. N/A: click it to clear all the transition effects in the slideshow and there will be no transition effect between two slides.
4. You can finish all the operations above by choosing corresponding options in the pop-up menu which will appear after you right-click on the transition effects list. Moreover, you can select a transition effect and then right-click and choose Apply to all photos in current album.

Apply Selected Transition to All Photos

Default Setting

We can view the default setting of the whole slideshow by choosing Options in the View menu.

General Default Setting

Here, we uncheck the Use DVD Menu option and then click Album Default Setting tab and we can see another window like this:

Album Default Settings

Firstly, we can change the default background music following these steps:

1. Select the default music and click Delete button to remove it from the album.

2. Click Add button and select desired background music in the file browse pane.

3. Actually, we can also adjust the music order by clicking Move Up or Move Down, but we add only one backround music here, so it is unneccesary to adjust the order.

4. Obviously, we can also set the subset of transition effects here. Click Subset of Transition Effects button to have the same operation as we did to set subset of transition.

5. Change the background color by selecting a desired color in the color box. We change it into gray.

6. Click OK to return to the project.