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--Christmas Slideshow

Showcase Two: Slideshow for Christmas Day



• Only one album is included

• Only one background music to loop

• Apply album theme

• Customize transition effects


Add Photos to the Album

1.Firstly, make sure you have imported photos from your digital devices to the computer and save them in certain file folder.

2. Run DVD Photo Slideshow and it will create a new project for you automatically. Select the file folder including your photos in the file folder list and open it. Then you will see all the photos in the selected file folder will be shown in the Slide List.

Add Photos to the Album

  • Generally, you have four methods to add photos to the album.

•Click Add All to add all the photos in the selected file folder to the slideshow.

•Click Add to select your favorite one in the file browse pane.

•Double-click the selected photo in the slide list to add it to the album directly or just simply drag the selected one and then drop it onto the slide panel.

•You can have a right-click on the slide list and then choose the Add to Album, Add All or Select All in the pop-up menu.

If we click Add All and all the photos in the Christmas file folder will be added to the album:

Add All the Photos in the Selected File Folder to the Album

4. After you add photos to the slideshow, you will find they will be included in an album and the name of the album is same to the name of the selected file folder list. Double-click the thumbnail of the album in the slideshow list panel and you will see a pop-up window like this:

Enter your desired slideshow name in the text pane of the Album Name. Here, you can also set the properties of the subtitles which could be set later and appear at the bottom of the screen. If we name the album as Merry Christmas and then click OK to return to the main window.

5. Right-click on the slide panel and you can choose to remove the selected slide or set the selected slide as the thumbnail.

Modify the Selected Slide

You can modify your selected slide in many ways in this pop-up menu. Such as adding blank image and add text or art clip on pictures. We choose to add a blank image. Then select a color in the color box and you will see a blank image is added in the current position.

Add Blank Image

You can reaarange the slide order by dragging and dropping them to the desired position and we drag the blank image to the very beginning.

Add and Loop Background Music

Click the Transition&Muisc tab and you will see the Transition&Music window as follows:

Transition&Music tab

Notes: The background music are played according to the order in the added background music list. So you should put the music you would like to play first upper than others.

1.Click Add button in the tool bar to select audio files in the file browse pane. We choose Christmas is coming and open it. Then you will see the music has been added to the album and we delete the default music at the same time.

2. Check Loop Audio option to make the audio match with the slideshow duration.

3. We can not only add music on your computer to the slideshow, but import audio from CD or input resources and add it to your show.

Click CD Ripper and you will see a pop-up window and select your desired audio track and then click Extract and the selected track will be added to the show.
Click Record and you will see a pop-up window like this:

Add Recorded Audio to the Slideshow

Select the input source and click Start Recording to record it and save it the temporary file folder or your fixed file folder. Then we just need to click Add button and select it and open it. We can trim the recorded audio files as well.

Apply Album Theme

Album theme can decide the overall appearance of the slideshow. Apply a proper album theme to make our slideshow more animated. More than 30 amazing album themes are provided for selection.
1. Click the Album Theme tab in the Organize Photo window. Select an album theme from the provided templates in the right panel and uncheck the Titles at the beginning and Credits in the end options.

Apply Album Theme without Titles and Credits

2. We can click Preview to preview the final effects at once.
3. In order to match with our slides, we select album theme for Christmas in the right panel and just click it to apply it to the album. After we click the selected theme, we can see its motion effect in the preview window immediately.
4. We can make any change by repeating the operations

Customize Transition Effects

1.Double-click the selected slide to modify it.

Customize Transition Effects

2. Click Transition tab to customize the transition effects of the selected slide.

Customize Transition Effects

Let’s change the transition duration time to 4s and photo duration to 5s. Then select Heart Iris as the transition effect.

3. You can repeat the same operation to customize the transition effects of each slide. You can also change the transition and photo duration in the Album Settings panel in the Transition&Music window.