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Good ideas and suggestions for baby slideshow songs or music:

Babies music can be used for baby photo album slides presentation. You can use the kind of background music for the baby animals, shower, girl or boy picture album slide shows presentation. Here are some userful music ideas for your slide shows.

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About good slideshow background music ideas and suggestions.

Here are some good music below for your baby slideshows, you can use the music below for your baby animals, shower, baby girl or boy slide shows.

Top 40 good songs for a baby Slide show

Here is a list of 40 good songs for babies picture slideshows. May the songs suggestions below are helpful for you.
1. A Baby's Prayer

2. A Mother's Prayer

3. A Mother's Prayer

4. Anna

5. Baby of Mine

6. Beautiful Boy

7. Brahm's Lullaby

8. Children are a Treasure from The Lord

9. Father's Arm's

10. Handprints On The Wall

11. He Gave Me You

12. I Just Love You

13. If I Could

14. In His Care

15. In My Daughter's Eyes

16. Isn't She Lovely

17. I Will Be There

18. Kisses And Hugs

19. Let Them Be Little

20. My Gift

21. My Girl

22. My Prayer For You

23. My Treasure

24. O Little One

25. Safe In Your Daddy's Arms

26. Sing Me To Sleep, Daddy

27. Sleep My Child

28. Star Against The Night

29. The Greatest Discovery

30. The Greatest Gift

31. The Sleep Song

32. Tough Little Boys
33. John Lennon-Beautiful Boy
34. Stevie Wonder-Isn't She Lovely
35. Seasons of Love-Broadway Kids

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