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How to create photo slideshow DVD playable on TV with DVD player?

DVD Photo Slideshow, a good choice for you, when you want to share your amazing photos taken at the party with your families and friends on bigger screen, when you want to enjoy your photos with the background of your favorite music as well as when you want to buy a special but meaningful birthday gift for the person your love. You may visit for more details.

DVD Photo Slideshow, emphasizing a variety of slideshow design features and a host of imaginative themes, goes further by adding image modification and enhancement tools to its software package. It allows you to make use of your DVD or CD burner to create amazing slideshows which you can watch on TV with your friends and families. With this practical software, you can quickly create an exciting photo slide show with your favorite music, motion menus and transition effects. Then you can view the exciting photo slide show on your home big screen TV with a DVD player. Unlike other similar software, our product needs no experience, however, it can make high resolution (704x576 on TV) slide show with background music for TV and the image quality is excellent and unbelievable. That is to say, this software is to help those amateurs make professional slideshows.

DVD Photo Slideshow has nine major features:

  • No Experience Necessary
  • Photo or Picture Look Great On TV
  • Professional DVD Menu Templates
  • Design your own Hollywood-style video and motion menus
  • Annotate your photos with your own text
  • Save Original Photos
  • What You Watch Is What You Get
  • All-in-One DVD Photo Slideshow
  • Support creating image (.cue or .iso file) file before burning DVD or CD

You may download the program from

However, it's very easy and convenient to use our software. what you need to do is just several clicks. The user interface of DVD Photo Slideshow allows you to make your slideshow album in a three-step workflow where you can easily organize photos, select a DVD menu, and then burn your photo album to a DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW disc.

(1) Create and organize Albums :

When you run DVD Photo Slideshow, it automatically opens a new project and lets you start creating a slideshow. A new project always uses DVD Photo Slideshow's default project settings. To see and modify these settings based on your Options.

Then click the Organize Photos button to create at least one photo album and select photos from a folder on your hard drive and add them to a particular album. After creating a photo album, you can customize the photo album by adding, deleting photos, arranging the order of photos during slideshow playback, adding captions for photos, selecting transition effects.

If you are not satisfied with your selection, you can click the small picture of the photo album from the Photo Album area (the left-down panel) to select an album you want to delete, but pay attention ,when you delete a photo album, all photos inside the album will be removed, but the original photos will not be deleted physically from your hard drive.

When clicking the Music & Transition Effects tab, you may add background music and select your desired transition effects from more than 260 amazing special transition effects.

You may also apply Pan & Zoom effect to your creative works. The Preview window gives you ideas of how your slides will show on TV with DVD player.

Then you can preview what you have selected by clicking the Preview tab and can also stop playing by clicking Stop button.

(2) Set DVD Menu :

Click the Choose Menus button to select a type of disc menu which decides how the photo albums will be shown on TV. Select any of the included templates automatically to set the layout, background and font options. For speed and ease in designing your slideshow album, you just need to simply select from the list of templates. All the backgrounds, effects, and audio that come with the template are automatically applied to your slideshow album. You can double-click the selected template to apply it to your slideshow album. Your DVD menu can be easily designed by adding your favorite background music, background image and favorite text. You may also preview all slideshows to be burned to the DVD disc by clicking the Preview tab.

(3) Burn photo albums to DVD :

Click the Burn DVD button to burn your photo albums to a blank DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW disc. Before burning, some parameters must be set including:

  1. The DVD File System tab
    In this tab, you can input the Volume Label, Publisher and Copyright text. You may also choose to whether Save original images and music files on disc and Use Joliet file system for long file name.
  2. The TV System tab:
    This tab enables you Select PAL or NTSC format, choose TV cropping value, and whether applying anti-flickering filter.
    Notes: The NTSC and PAL are two different standard protocols for television (TV) broadcast transmission and reception. The NTSC standard is used in the United States while PAL is used in other parts of the world. You can select the radio button of PAL or NTSC according to the standard selected in your country.
  3. The DVD Recorder Options tab:
    In this tab, you can select the options of the recording speed, simulating and the Burn-proof disc protection.
    • Speed - If your drive supports multiple speeds, this selection allows you to change the speed at which the disk is written. If you encounter problems burning your disc, try lowering this setting.
    • Simulate - When checked, the disc will not actually be burned. The software will test the burning process to see if it functions correctly, but will not actually write the data.
    • Copies - Specifies the number of copies to make of the disc. If you would like to make more than one copy, enter the number of copies to make here.

After you set the above parameters, you may click the Burn Now button and you creative slideshow will be burned to a disc.

With these three easy steps, you can get a unique photos slideshow disc which you can share it with more friends or give it to others as a memorable gift.

You may download the program from