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How to make a free happy birthday greeting e-Card and send by email

Many people would like to send their electronic cards with greetings to others' birthdays online by email but they do not how to do that easily. How to make your own free happy birthday e-cards and send to others by email? It is convenient to express your greetings to friends via sending a wishes e-card by email .

Flash Slideshow Maker is a digital card creator that allows users to create their free birthday e-Cards easily. With the card creator, you can create your digital electronic Flash greetings Cards from photos in very simple steps.

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How to make a digital electronic birthday wishes e-Card?

Here is a tutorial that will teach you how to make your digital birthday Flash e-cards and send to others online by email. Before you make a wishes e-Card, you need to free download the electronic Card maker and install it on your PC.

Here is a digital animated wishes e-Card created by Flash Slideshow Creator

Now, let’s follow the simple steps below to create your own digital happy birthday wishes e-Cards.

  • 1. Open the Flash picture e-Cards maker on your PC and click the “Add” button to insert your digital pictures. (I suggest that you add the birthday related photos into the maker)
  • 2. Set the transition effect on the "transition & Music" tab. The Flash e-Cards Creator offers various dynamic and animated effects for your e-cards making.
  • 3. Design photos. You can design pictures for making a beautiful e-card. Please double click one image and there will pop up an “Edit Photo” window, where you can write your sayings, add texts or more to your e-Card.


  • 4. Choose a free template. To send your e-card to others by email online, you need to choose a Basic template to output your digital electronic card and get a simple SWF file for embedding into email.
  • 5. To design a music e-Card, you can also insert your music. Please click the “Add” button to insert birthday music to your e-Card. And you can also insert your favorite music from a CD disc.


How to email digital happy birthday e-Cards you just make to others online?

To email happy birthday e-Cards you just make to others, you need to get a SWF file. Go to the “Publish” window of the maker and choose “Create Flash File Only” to output your digital picture e-Card. In a few seconds, you will get a flash greeting e-Card in SWF format. Then, you can embed the SWF file into your email as the attachment and send your e-cards to others online.


download DVD Photo Slideshow for Mac   download DVD Photo Slideshow for Windows