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How to put a SWF(XML) flash file from your website on Facebook FBML fan page

Facebook users would like to post SWF flash files on their Facebook business pages, but they do not know how to do it. How to insert a flash file into Facebook fan page? It's cool for you to put or place a flash swf file on your Facebook.

To embed a flash in your Facebook fan page, you need to create and upload your Flash online. Then you can post it on your static FBML fan pages. (create a Flash and upload to your website, you can use Flash Slideshow Maker)

How to put or post SWF(XML) flash files from your website on Facebook fan pages?

3 steps for you to place your SWF files in your business facebook fan pages:
1: Add the Static “FBML” application.
2: Make SWF flash file and upload to website onlie and get the flash code.
3: Insert the code into “FBML” business page.

Step 1. Add FBML application to your pages. Some steps teaching you about how to add the “FBML” to your pages below.

add fbml application plugin

  1. Open a page, type “FBML” into the search box and you will see “Static FBML”. Please click the application and you will go to its application page.
  2. Click “Add to my page” on the top left side of the page to add “FBML” to your fan page.

Step 2. How to Make a Flash file (simple SWF or XML flash file) and put on your website at first?

You can use a Flash Slideshow Maker to make your file and upload it to your website online(you can also get your photo slideshow from Flick or Picasa).


Step 3. How to place your Flash file on Facebook Page using the static FBML

Go back to your page and click “Edit Page” to the application page, then click “Edit” to edit your FBML box. In ”Box Title” area, you can type a title for the box. In this “FBML” area, you can insert your flash files. To insert and place a flash, you must use the following tag style:

<fb:swf swfsrc='link to your flash online'
imgsrc='link to the activation image online' width='520' height='320' />
activation image is the picture displaying in the place of your flash. If some one click it, your flash will load and display. width and height are for the size of activation.

Below is an example for embedding a flash from my website in one of my facebook business pages.

insert flash script code into pages

1. Embed a XML flash.

my code for embedding a XML into FBML is:

width='520' height='320' />

Note: when inserting a XML flash in FBML, you must have a change some tags.

: must be changed to %3A,

/ changed to %2F


2. Embed a simple SWF flash.

my code for embedding into FBML is:
width='520' height='320' />

After you edit the code, click “Save changes”.
When you open the FBML, you will see the activation picture at first. When you click it, your flash will load and display.

embed swf file to fan page

It is easy for you to upload the swf files from your website into your Facebook business pages.

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