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Tutorial: How to create SWF picture slide show galleries and embed into your php website

Php picture gallery slideshows are a kind of swf file image album Flash slide shows that can be embeded in to php website with links. To embed photo gallery slide shows with links inside your website, you need to create a picture album, get gallery script code and insert the script into website. To create your free PHP slideshows with links, you need to get an image gallery generator software at first. With a album software, you will make a free xml picture slide show album from image and music folder and embed in to your php website.

Flash SWF slideshow maker is an easy-to-use xml php slide show generator, which allows you to create free dynamic gallery flash slideshows with links, upload slideshows to flash sharing website and get free slide show scrip codet. After you get the code, you can insert it inside your php website and your xml slide shows will be showed. With this album generator, you will make dynamic swf picture galleries easily.

To create your picture slide shows, you need to free download the galleries generator software and install it on your computer at first. There are just simple steps for you to create dynamic xml file image gallery slide shows for php website.

Tutorial: How to create dynamic SWF file flash slideshows

  • 1. Run this image album slideshow generator and start the gallery slide shows project.
  • 2. Import the pictures from your computer to the creator. Click “Add” button to add your images from folder on your computer.
  • 3. Set the dynamic slide show playing order. You can use mouse to set the album images playing by “dragging” behavior.
  • 4. Decorate your gallery slide show pictures. The creator allows you to decorate the gallery pictures. Double click one of images and it will pop up “Edit Photo” window, which allow you to decorate the gallery photos.
  • 5. Add links to your slideshows. Click "Preference" and choose "Options" to type your links to the slideshows.
  • 6. Choose the customizable “Advanced” flash template for slideshows. You can choose the “Advanced” album template for the xml slide shows in the “Advanced” theme windows. In this theme window, you can preview your slideshow. The generator also allows you to add the background music into the slide shows. If you want, you can also add background music to your swf image slides.(Note: if you choose the "Basic" tempalte, you will create a SWF file for slide shows)
  • 7. Publish your xml picture gallery slide shows. To embed the dynamic slides inside your php website, you need to upload the slide shows to to get the album script code. On the “Publish” window, you need to choose ”Create Flash files and Upload to”.

Tutorial: How to get the xml slide show script code for php website?

php slideshow script

After you upload the xml picture gallery slideshows to, you will see the swf slide show lists and the script. You can get choose the slide show script code of “Embed” or “Post MySpace” for your php website.

Tutorial: How to insert gallery slide show script code into your php website?

embed slide show script to php website

1.  Copy the picture slideshow script code from website.
2.  Paste the image gallery code inside the 'Body' of your dynamic php webpage.
3.  Modify the xml album slide show script parameters. If you want your swf slide shows match your website, you can also have a change the parameters. For example, you can change the width and height parameter of the script so that it can match your webpage.

After you embed the xml slide shows script code in to your php webpage, your dynamic image galleries slideshows will be shown on your website.

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