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Why to choose DVD Photo Slideshow Professional ? ( detailed narration about DVD Photo Slideshow )

Making digital photo album is a good way to save photos , but it is not convenient for you to show photos if you don't have a computer on hand. Making a DVD photo slideshow album with DVD Photo Slideshow gives you the best of both worlds. You can make a DVD Photo slideshow disc with photos, music and interactive menus. Even if you have a regular CD-RW drive, you can still create a photo slideshow album that works on most DVD players. Best of all, you can share your photos with anyone who has a TV with a DVD player.

make slideshow dvd for TV

make slideshow dvd for TV

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Sometimes,people would like to share their photos with friends.But how to share photos with firends with a cool way?.What is the cool way to share photos with friends easily? As for me,I will make a dynamic photo slideshow DVD or video to share photos with friends on TV.But how to make a photo slideshow DVD ?The way is that you choose an excellent photo slideshow DVD software to achieve that.

Of course, to create a photo slideshow can be using any video editor. But if you do not feel too confident with such photo slideshow editosr, it makes sense to look at the special tool designed exclusively for making photo slideshow. Here is an excellent photo slideshow DVD program will be discussed in this article.

Since the program are designed primarily for home users, they have a fairly simple interface, with which the strength to understand.Typically, a program for creating slideshows have similar features: allow to create a project based on the photos, arrangingphoto in the correct order, to determine the duration of display for each image on the screen, add slideshow transition effects and sound and burn the project to DVD or stored in any other convenient format.

At the interface of DVD Photo Slideshow Professional, (Free Download it here) as already considered to be  my  photo DVD Slideshow Builder.Its features, resulting in a single window placed a maximum of tool for creating slideshows. Effectively used, even a status bar: it can specify in what format you want to save videos and see how much space your project.

dvd photo slideshow

The photo slideshow program has a built-in file manager, allowing you to preview and select pictures without resorting to other applications for viewing images. In the photo slideshow transition to the folder that contains the photos, the program immediately creates thumbnails. You can add photos to the project by one or a whole folder at once.

Very convenient that the sizes of all elements of the program's interface can be changed. Therefore, after the selection of photos can be, for example, to maximize an area where you put pictures slideshow, by reducing the size of the file manager.

Work on the slideshow is divided into several simple steps. After adding the photos is to determine the order in which they will be displayed on the screen. If the order is incorrect, then it can be changed. Tab Transition & Music, you can work on sound and visual design slideshow. Transition effects between pictures will be added automatically, but you can change those you prefer. It is worth noting that the DVD Photo Slideshow Professional allows you to opt out of transition effects, if you consider them irrelevant.

By clicking on the pictures to the storyboard panel, you can switch to the setting window. While in Photo Configuration, you will be able to determine the slideshow transition effects, and set the animation of each photo. Despite the fact that when you create a slideshow does not use animated images, DVD Photo Slideshow Professional can create psevdoanimatsiyu, adding the effects of pan and zoom images. Such effects are often used to create slideshows and enliven them.

dvd photo slideshow

In the same window Photo Configuration you can add pictures to text labels. These labels can contain text, entered by the user, or added automatically, based on the macro. For example, you can use these macros the current date, the date the picture was taken, file name, number slide, etc.

Another interesting possibility, which deals with registration of the photo slideshow - the large number of vector elements that can be added to the image. You can mark them anywhere in the picture and choose the right size for them. This may be goggles, hats, candles, balloons with text, such as those which can be seen in comic books, etc.

dvd photo slideshow

To place a slideshow is very interesting to use subjects - various thematic framework, which is framed photos. In the program a lot of different themes for the photo collection: holiday, vacation, sports, romance,festival etc.

dvd photo slideshow

In fact, there are templates for creating menus for DVD photo slideshow. It is very convenient that when creating the DVD menu can not be limited to only those templates that are offered in the program, and use as a background image, any image that is on your hard drive. Funds for the menu, of course, are not as flexible as in specialized programs for DVD-authoring, but some freedom of action still exists. So, you can control the display of menus and album name, choose the color elements and background music that will accompany the slideshow.

dvd photo slideshow

After the photo slideshow DVD finishing creating,you can first play it on your computer,then you can play it on TV with DVD player easily.You can also control the DVD menu ro play the slideshow DVD at your pleasure.You can see the dynamic photo slideshows with backgroud music.

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