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4. Tips on how to make slideshow with DVD Photo slideshow

Transition Effects

To some extent, the transition effect is one of the most distinctive characters of DVD Photo Slideshow. With the help of transition effects, you can decide the transiting way between two photos according to more than 260 transition effects provided by our software. By our DVD Photo Slideshow, you can select different transition ways between every two photos by your own customization, or you can adopt our random transition effects. The transition effects are mainly displayed in terms of the transition duration and the photo duration. That is to say the transition effects let you determine the display time of each photo, and this is helpful for you to emphasize the focus of your slideshow. For example, if your are making a slideshow for a business presentation, and the main purpose of your presentation is to show the new products of your company, then you can extend the duration of the photos for the products so as to give deeper impression to the audience. The allowable transition duration by our software is from 0s to 30s and photo transition is from 0s to 99s.

Beside the transition effects, you can also change the background color of your photo slideshow. That is to say, you can fix a uniform background color of your slideshow. For instance, pink is suitable for those sweet photos, and black or blue is perfect for those formal presentation. Anyhow, you can set the color as you like.

For background music, it is really a pretty good catalyzer for a slideshow. With suitable and matched background music, you can make a perfect combination between photos and music, which can make your slideshow more expressive and attractive. All the music in forms of mp3, WMA and wav will be supported by our DVD Photo Slideshow.

How to make use of art clips

Art clip is one of the distinctive elements in the process of making a slideshow with our DVD Photo Slideshow. By using art clips, you can make your slideshow much more creative. You can take certain art clip as your unique symbol which appears on each photo in your slideshow, moreover, if you like, you can add different art clips to each photo. The art clips provided by us include several types, such as general, which is composed of some art clips that can be used in most cases. Such as ; frames, which are so lovely and beautiful, like this: . You can resize these frames by dragging and dropping in order to fit the size of your photos. The other art clips include heart and baby, which are suitable for some special album themes. For instance, if you want to make a photo slideshow of your lovely baby, you can add or to some or each of the photo, and it is certain that your baby likes the slideshow much more. Of course, if you want to make a special slideshow as a gift and give it to your lover, please let our special art clips in form of heart help you. Don't these clips look quite special and attractive?

Finally , if you don't satisfied with those art clips we provide, you can also click to select those art clips in your own file folders, and it is supportable to use the following formats; JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, etc.

Enjoy your digital photos in a brand new way

DVD Photo Slideshow provides a brand new way to show your photos. There are hundreds of digital photos on your computer hard drive, and then what can you do with those photos? Traditionally, the photos taken by digital cameras can be developed by the ink-jet color printer, however, those printed photos will fade and become yellow easily, so the great memory in our photos would be disappeared step by step, moreover, if you have taken lots of photos, maybe more than 1000, it would cost you too much to print them out. For example, it takes you 1 yuan to develop one copy of a 6 cun digital photo at present, and then it may cost you more than 600 yuan to print the photos. Nevertheless, if you burn all your amazing photos to a DVD disc, all the memorable moments would be kept forever. The CD or DVD mediums can help you keep your photos for years safely. You can choose to burn your photos to the disc with the burning function provided by Windows XP or just the help of a DVD burner. In current market, there are many kinds of DVD burner for selection. With the development of the technology, the cost of DVD burner decreases all the time. What's more, the burning speed and the burning quality are enhanced continuously. So, it is really economical and practical for you to burn photos as a DVD disc. Above all, with the help of our DVD Photo Slideshow, you can easily edit your photos as a slideshow, which can not only be burnt to a DVD disc but played by a DVD player. You can enjoy your photo slideshow on your big-screen TV with more fun but easier operation finally.

Album Themes

Album theme is a newly added function of the DVD Photo Slideshow. By using the theme feature, you can design your slideshow without too much complexity, because the theme can determine the overall appearance of your slideshow. We provide about 30 themes for selection. Some of them are about sports, some are about festival; some are very lovely, and some are very elegant. The window of �Album Theme� is as follows:

With these themes, you can fix the uniform appearance of your slideshow. You can enter �the titles at the beginning�, which will be displayed before the slideshow plays. To some extent, what the text you enter is a little bit like a prologue in a play.

Choose DVD menus

DVD menu is the first thing your audience will see when they enjoy your slideshow, so if you want to capture the attention of your audience and provide your audience an easy way of navigating, it is a quite necessary and an efficient way for you to create an impressive menu. In our DVD Photo Slideshow, though the menu, you can know how many albums altogether in your slideshow. There are more than 50 templates provided in our software. Each template is different in the background and the number of the thumbnail of the album which are displayed on the menu. If you have two albums in your slideshow, then you can select those templates which have more than two frames. For example, if you select a template with three frames for your two-album slideshow, the redundant frame will not displayed automatically. But if you choose a two-frame template for your three-album slideshow, only two of your three albums will be displayed, and the album which is ordered at last will not be displayed. So, it is better to select those templates with the same or more frames than the number of your albums. At present, we provide the templates with one, two, three, four, eight and nine frames on them. You can select the suitable templates according to your demand. Moreover, you can add some music to your DVD menu. When the menu displayed on the screen, the music you add will be the background music of your menu.

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