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Organizing Photos


After creating and saving your project, you can begin to add photos to each album, organize them, and edit them.

-Adding Photos

You can add photos to the slideshow easily with the following methods:


1. Click Add button on the slide toolbar to select photos from file browse pane. Click Open to add selected photos to the album. Press Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple photos at one time.

2. Unfold the folder which images are located at in the left panel and then double-click your desired photo in the right panel and it will be added to the album. Add photos from right panel will not change original photo order.

3. Right-click on the right panel and choose Select All in the pop-up menu. Click Add All button in slide toolbar, and then all the photos in the current folder can be added to the album.

4. Drag and drop photos from the right panel onto the slide panel.

5. Right-click on the slideshow list panel and choose Batch Collect in the pop-up menu, and then a pop-up window will appear. Check the folder containing pictures and all photos in the folder will be added to the slideshow with the same name of folders and its subfolders respectively.

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-Sorting Photos

You can sort photos in both file list and slide panel.

File list sorting

There are a number of different choices for sorting your files in the File List. To rearrange your files using a different sorting method, simply right-click in the File List and choose Arrange Icons by, then select the desired sorting option.

Sorting Added Photos

1. Drag and drop within slide panel.

2. Sort by different sorting methods, such as Name, Date and Size. Simply choose right-click on Slide Panel and choose Details in pop-up menu and then you can all photos are displayed with their detailed information. Click your desired method on the panel at the top to sort photos in this method.

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-Selecting album theme

1. Select an album theme from the provided templates in the right panel.

2. Enter titles and credits in the pane below and set their font size, color and effect in this pane, too.

3. Click Preview to view the effects of titles and credits page.

If you encounter some problems while selecting album theme, please make sure you have installed the latest flash player installed.

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