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How to Make a Free HD Photo CD on Windows

How to create a dynamic 3D flash Gallery Slide Shows on windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7?

watch your photo cd on home big screen TV with a DVD or Video CD player.

DVD Players Support High Resolution Video CD 2.0 Still Image and SVCD playing on TV ( Download DVD Slideshow Creator)

Photo CD is a kind of digital Picture album slides storage in a CD disc. Make a free HD photo slideshow CD is an idea way to save your digital picture collections using a Maker. however, there are many photo CD formats you can choose. Your hundreds of pictures can be burned to a CD-R storage disc with background music as raw data format using free DVD creation burning software and you can create some slides packages or share on web etc.

Here we introduce a new way to make your free HD digital picture slide show CD on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS using a Maker. Since Video CD 2.0 standard support high quality still image, why couldn't we store our pictures on Video CD, so we can share photos in the comfort of our living room with a big screen TV?

According to Video CD 2.0 standard, the image resolution shown on TV can be as high as 704x576. The quality is as good as DVD and SVCD. and you can advance the free picture slides one by one with the DVD player remote controller. Now, almost all home DVD players support Video CD 2.0 storage standard, so you can mail your photo gallery slide shows video CD to your friends and family. Background music can be added to the picture slideshow Maker which turns the photo CD to the exciting photo TV shows.

Besides watching the picture on TV, the video CD storage can also restore your original image files . The CD-R medium can safely store your value photos for a long long time, so you will never be afraid to lost your images. You can even bring your Movie CD to the mall and print them in the future. No quality will be lost.


What do you need to Create a HD Picture slideshow video CD?

To make a HD photo slide show storage CD, you need some hardware: CD Burner or DVD burning software Program, CD-R or CD-RW disc. and a very easy to use software: Photo slideshow DVD Creator. To view the output video CD on TV, you need a DVD or VCD Player. You have all these hardwares, that's great! You need to free download the software Photo DVD Creator by clicking here to free download the slide show burning software.( you can also call the Photo DVD Creator as Photo DVD Maker)

Download Photo DVD Maker to make your own Photo CD and view the photo on TV

Make your own photo movie CD in simple steps in the following on windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS:

Now, please follow the simple steps below to make your exciting digital picture album slides storage CD.

1. How to add your digital pictures into the image slideshow gallery Creation burner.

Step One: Download Photo DVD Creator program pro by clicking here and install the burning software on your local hard drive and run it. The installation is very simple and straight forward. Just follow the screen instruction and you can setup Photo DVD Creator program in minutes. Now, click the program icon on the desktop to launch Picture DVD Creation Burner software. You will see the screen as below:

organize photo, picture edit, slide show create

This is the Creator screen of Photo slideshow DVD Maker, you can browse your image. And drag the photo to the right-bottom album panel. Click the "New" toolbar button to create a new album and add photos to each album. By this way, you can group your picture into different album by topic,date or any way you like. In the target photo cd, there will be as many slide shows as albums you created.

Double click the album icon on the left panel, you can set the interval time of each photo, add background music to the album in the Maker..

Double click the photo thumbnail on the right-bottom panel, you can add text narration to each image.

The Picture Slides DVD Creation burning software also allows you to decorate pictures. Double click one picture and there will pop up a "Photo Configuration" window, where you can decorate images with all kinds of animating components.

2. How to choose a flash theme for your HD slide shows.

Go to the "Album Theme" tab, where you can choose a dynamic flash theme for image slide shows. Then you could also review the slides on the "Album Preview" tab of the Maker.

3. How to pick a eye-catching menu for slideshows.

To make a attractive picture CD, you need to pick a beautiful menu from the Picture DVD Creation burning software. When all these done, click the button "Choose Menus" on the main toolbar, the menu editor panel will be shown as below:

Add background music, background image, select disc menu style

You can choose the theme of your picture movie CD from the menu templates. Click the "Background Music" button on this Burner interface to add background music to the menu. or you can change the background image of the menu by clicking "Background Image" button.

Then click "Preview" button on the main toolbar of the Burner, the preview panel will be shown. The screen simulate the dvd player and you can preview your photo cd slide show.

4. How to burn your free slideshows to a CD disc.

When you are satisfied with your HD slide show, click the "Burn Disc" button on the main toolbar. You will see the burning photo CD page on this slide show Creation burning software:

You can choose "VCD 2.0 Still Image Disc" or "SVCD Video Disc" as the Output Format for burning to a CD disc using the Maker.

Burn photo cd to CD-R,CD-RW and watch your photo on TV with DVD palyer. Enjoy the background music

Click the "Burn Now!" button on the slide show Creator program professional to burn your HD photo slide show on to CD-R or CD-RW disc. When the burning is finished, you can play the digital Picture CD-R disc on your computer CD-Rom. If your think it is OK, you will play it on your home DVD or VCD player to enjoy on your big screen HD TV!

Download Photo DVD Maker to make your own Photo CD and view the photo on TV

More Information about Photo SlideShow DVD Maker Program(Photo SVCD/VCD Burner):

Photo DVD Creator can make high-resolution photo album video CD from your photo collection using a CD burner or DVD burning software. You can view the burned VCD or SVCD photo gallery slideshows on HD TV with a standard DVD or VCD player. With just a few simple clicks, you can easily browse your pictures, add them to album, select disc menu template and background music, and burn photo slideshow gallery to CD-R or CD-RW disc. DVD Photo Slide show Creator program pro supports JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF etc. image formats and wav, mp3 music files. It supports hundreds of CD writer models. With an intuitive interface, you can create or make, burn your own digital photo gallery storage CD and share it with your family and friends.

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The registration fee of Photo Slideshow DVD Movie Maker Program is US$49.95. This is the one time purchase fee. Your future upgrade will be free of charge.
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