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Best Photo Books Design ideas: How to create a personalized digital Photo album book

How to make your own high quality digital album book and show online? Well, it seems cool to create a free personalized and custom album with your images and post it on your website online. But how to design your free high quality picture gallery book?

Best software ideas: To create a digital photo book, you need a maker at first. Flash Slideshow Maker is the best flash creator software, which allows users to create their personalised and custom digital picture books with images. With the creator software, you can make your own large and samll album books, design your own high quality and professional picture gallery, create your own wedding or baby photo memory books and edit personalised and free album books.

How to make my own personalized and custom digital picture book and post on website online?

To design your professional gallery, you need to free download the maker software on your PC and install it. There are some simple but professional ideas for you to make your own best image books.

Now, I will show you the steps below to design my best but free image memory book using the creator.

1. Run the best flash photo maker software on my PC and click the "Add" button to import my digital pictures.

2. Edit image. To create a professional image memory book, you can edit the digital pictures so that your gallery looks more professional. Double click one image and there will pop up the "Edit Photo" window, where I can edit my pictures by adding various elements.

3. Set the custom transition effects. The Creator offers over 260 animated transition effects for you to choose. The animated transition effects will make your albums more professional.

4. Choose a custom template. The creator offers two kinds of templates. You can choose a basic template or an advanced template. But the advanced templates are more professional. Here, I like to choose a basic template for my gallery book because it is very easy for me to post on my website online.

choose christmas templates

5. Add music. To create personalised and custom memory books, you can also add music. You can click the "Add" button to import your music into your high quality book. If you want, you can also import your favorite music from a CD disc into your personalized gallery book.

6. Digital Photo album publishing. It is easy for publishing your high quality gallery. On the "Publish" window of the creator software, you can choose "Create Flash File Only" for publishing your book. In a few seconds, you will get a SWF file that you can post on your website online easily.

ideas: How to put the personalized picture memory book on my website online?

To embed the high quality personalised album book I make into my website online, I need to get a SWF file. On the "Publish" window of the Creator, I click "Open Output Folder" to get the SWF file. Then, I embed the SWF file into my website and upload it online. After I upload the SWF file to website online, my personalised album will show.


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