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How to make your own personalized happy birthday musical greeting postcards and send by email

How to make yourself funny happy birthday musical postcards (Sheet) for party? You can create free electronic Flash greeting musical eCards or printable greeting post Cards with photos and music using Card Maker Software.

Software ideas: Flash Photo Slideshow Maker is a free e postcards creator for you to create animated, funny, custom and personalized birthday musical e-Cards or printable postcards with music. With the postcard making software, you can create a Flash photo eCard or printable postcard (Sheet) from photos and music.

ideas: How to design your own animated happy birth day greeting electronic eCard or sheet

The following ideas will teach you how to create your own personalized and custom birth day eCards. Before you design the musical electronic Card, you need to free download a Builder and install it at first.(Note: ecard just for you to send to others by email)

Now, let’s begin to create your funny, custom and personalized happy birth day music e Cards for kids, Baby or Children.

  • 1. Run the Flash picture eCard Maker software on your PC.
  • 2. Click the “Add” button to insert your digital pictures.
  • 3. Set transition effect for electronic Card (Sheet). The Flash Card Maker offers various animated effect for you to choose.
  • 4. Designs of images. To make a custom, funny and personalized birth day musical eCard (Sheet) , you can design pictures. Please double click one image to the “Edit Photo” window in the creator. Then you can edit your electronic postcard (Sheet).

virtual birthday cards templates

  • 5. Choose a template for your birth day postcard. The creator has two kinds of free templates for making post Cards. One are Basic templates, the other are advanced templates. If you want to send others the postcard (sheet) by email, you need to choose a basic template for getting a SWF file. Here, I choose a Basic template for my electronic sheet.
  • 6. To design a musical birth day greeting Card, you need to insert your own happy birthday music. Please click the “Add” button on the builder to insert music to your Card (sheet). You can also add your favorite birthday music from a CD.


ideas: How to send your own animated personalized musical eCard by email?

To send your animated music e cards with greetings to others by email, you need to get a SWF file for inserting in email. On the “Publish” window of the maker you choose “Create Flash File Only” to publish your musical e postcard. Then you will get your custom birthday e Card in SWF format in the "Output Folder". Now, it is time to add your electronic postcard (sheet) as attachement to send by email.

ideas: How to print your happy birthday music e card to the printable paper post cards? (not by email)

To make your own funny printable happy birthday paper greeting post cards, you need to print the flash electronic postcard (sheet). After you publish the e card, you click "View Flash Slide Show" on the "Publish" window to view your e card. Then you click "File" menu on the browser and choose "Print" or "Print Preview" to print your paper postcards.


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