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Ideas: How to make memorable HD happy Birthday slides with songs

This article is about how to create HD and happy birthday party slideshows with the images and songs. With slide shows Maker software, you will make your memorable dynamic DVD picture slide shows in a few minutes.

Software Suggestions: DVD Photo Slide show Maker (Free Download it Here) is the best Birthday slide shows maker software for you to create your own eye-catching HD happy image slides from picture collection and music. It has the built-in dynamic Birthday theme and menu for you to make unique DVD slides to show your pictures on TV.

The following ideas will show you how to create memorable HD happy birthday party slides using the maker.

  • ideas 1: Add your pictures, create image album, import song and decorate picture.

Click “Add” button to import photo from your computer to the slide shows maker and create album. You can add more than 1000 images to the album. And you can also sort the pictures and create multiply albums with this maker.

Decoration suggestions: To make the image slide shows look animating, you can decorate the picture by adding text and Birthday theme ArtClip to the photo. Double click one of images and it will pop up a “Photo Configuration” window, which allows you to decorate the images.

artclip decorate image slideshows

To make audio Birthday image slide show, you also need to add Birthday music to the slides. You can add multiply songs to the image slide shows.

Suggestions: You need to add proper music. For example, if you want to create Children Birthday slideshows, you will add the related Children music to the slide shows.

  • ideas 2: Set the dynamic Birthday theme and choose a menu.

On the “Album Theme” tab of the maker, you can choose a Party theme for the slideshows. And on the “Album Preview” tab of the builder software, you are allowed to preview the slide show with the theme.

Theme suggestions: if you create birthday party slide shows, you will choose a party theme.

choose party slide show menu

To play the HD Birthday slideshows on TV, you need to choose a party theme menu for slide show.  DVD Photo Slideshow builder has over 260 menus for you to choose to create DVD slides.

Other suggestions:  If you want to show your memorable happy slide shows on YouTube, Facebook or MySpace, you do not need to choose a menu, you just need to go to the “Burn Disc” window of the builder to choose a video format output. It is easy to do that.

  • ideas 3: Publish your happy party Birthday image slides on a DVD disc with pictures and song

Go to the “Burn Disc” window of the builder and choose “DVD video Disc” as the output format for your HD birthday music slideshows.  And you also need to set the TY System for playing your happy party image slide shows.  The slide show builder supports both PAL and NTSC format for TV.  It also supports the 4:3 and 16:9 output for you’re your image slideshows.

  • ideas 4. How to watch your memorable HD slideshows on TV?

When all is OK, you will click” Burn Now!” button of the builder to burn picture slide shows with song to a DVD disc.

After your memorable Birthday DVD photo slide shows are recorded completely, you can play them on your TV with a DVD player. You can enjoy your HD happy slideshows on TV with dynamic transition effects and song

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