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How to make and watch Photo Slide Shows on HD Flat TVs

Many users would like to see their picture album slideshows with music on HD Flat Panel televisions like LCD, LED, OLED, PDP(Plasma), DLP, LCOS. Also, you can watch your slide shows on the CRT TV. But how to watch and enjoy your Picture slides with songs on HD televisions LED, LCD, OLED, Plasmas, DLP, LCOS TVs? you need to make and burn images Slides to a DVD/CD disc at first.

How to Create picture slideshow with music and watch on HD Flat Panel television

To play Slides on your Flat Panel televisions like LCD, LED, Plasma(PDP), OLED or CRT, you need to get a Slides maker software to create and burn slide shows with music to a DVD/CD disc. DVD Slideshow Maker (Free download to install) is a digital Photo DVD Maker that allows you to create slide shows from digital images with music and burn them into a DVD or CD disc that can be played on a DVD player or VCD player.

Now, let's begin to create digital picture slideshows with songs in easy steps below.

Part 1. How to import digital photos, add background music, set transition effects

1. Open the Maker and click "Add" on the "Organize Photos" window to add images and create album. For example, you can create multiple albums and import as many as 1000 pictures into the software.

2. Edit photos. Double click one images and there will pop up a "Photo Configuration" window where you can edit pictures.

add pictures

3. Add background music and set animating transition effects. On the "Transition & Music" tab, you can click "Add" button to add music. You can import multiple songs if you want. On this tab, you may also set the animating transition effects easily.

Part 2. Choose a dynamic flash theme and menu

On the "Album Theme" tab, you can choose a proper flash theme for slideshows. For example, if you want to make wedding slides, you will choose a wedding theme.

To navigate how to play albums on TV screen, you also need to choose a beautiful menu on the "Choose Menus" window of the maker.

choose a slide show menu

Part 3. How to Convert and burn images slides with songs to a DVD/CD disc

burn slideshow to dvd disc

On the "Burn Disc" window to choose "DVD video Disc" or "SVCD video Disc" as output format and burn to a DVD or CD disc. In a few mimutes, you will get your picture slide show DVD/CD disc.

Part 4. How to play and watch your picture Slideshows on the HD Flat Panel television

You can play the disc on your computer to have a pre view at first. If you think the music Slideshows are ok, you will play them on your HD flat panel TV like LCD, LED, Plasma(PDP), OLED, LCOS, DLP with a DVD player. Then, it is time to view and enjoy your images slides with music on the HDTV Screen.


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