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List of Top Social Networking Sites (SNS):

With the development of Web 2.0. there are more and more social media or social networking websites coming out. We call these websites SNS. The Social networking and media websites allows users to share, show and communicate with others. And Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Bebo, Friendste

Many of social media and networking sites allows you to show your videos or photo slideshow. For example, if you want to show your photo slideshow on YouTube, please have a try Photo Video Slideshow, which allows you to convert photos to various videos for posting on YouTube,Facebook, MySpace or more.

List of Top Social Media and Social Networking websites (SNS):

Social networking service List(SNS)



Personal sites
Bebo ·Facebook ·FriendFeed · Friendster · Hi5· ibibo  · Jaiku · MySpace  · Orkut 
· Tagged · · Twitter · Vkontakte · Whispurr. Netlog
Professional sites
Viadeo · LinkedIn · Hub Culture
Defunct sites
White-label service
Ning · XING
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Social network advertising · Social network hosting service · Groups · Online dating service> (list)  · Internet petitions
User gender difference · Use in investigations
Related concepts
Small world experiment · Small-world networking · Social network · Social network service

Top Social Media websites:, ,

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