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Tutorial - How to create 3D in Flash Gallery

The following tutorial will teach you how to create interactive 3D gallery presentaion from your picture and music collection.

Picture album can give you a special way to show your image slideshows. With the best album animator program software, you can create and make free 3D animation from your images in simple steps.

3D Flash Animator is considered to be one of the best album animator software programs that allows you to create interactive animation.

How to make your own 3D in flash slide show animaction?

The following tutorial will teach you how to make interactive 3D in flash gallery.

1. Free download the album animator software program and install on your PC.

2. Run the creator app program and click “add” to import your digital pictures.

3. Decorate your pictures. Double click one image and go to the “Edit Photo” window, where you can add text, Artclips and info to the picture.

4. Choose a 3D template for your album animacion. Go to “Advanced” theme and pick one of ”3D [CyLinder]” theme templates for animacion.

choose a 3d template

5. Add music to your image gallery animation slideshows. Click "+" button on the right bottom to add background music to animation slideshows. You can also rip song from CD and import it into slide shows.

6. Publish your interactive gallery animation. Go to the “Publish” window and choose “Create Flash File Only” to publish picture animacion slide shows.

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