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Homemade movie ideas: How to create your HD private DVD video clips

Homemade movies are a kind of private video that can be can be made by individual using an easy homemade movie making software. For ecxample, you can burn your video clip to a HD DVD disc so that you can view your clip on TV at home. Or you can create HD private DVD movies with music from your photo collection. With an easy private movie maker, you can make your own video clip for uploading or DVD in simple steps.

Maker tips and ideas: Making HD video clip or DVD with music by using a private movies maker software seems very cool. But how to create a clip or DVD easily. You need to get a homemade slide show making software callled DVD Slide Show Maker, which can allow you to burn video to a DVD disc for playing on TV or convert picture gallery collection with music to DVD slide show so that you can view your images on TV. You also call this maker picture slide show projector.

The following ideas or tips will show you how to make your private video clip or DVD movie using the homemade movies making Projector.

Tips: Before you make your work, please free download the private homemade movie maker and install on your computer at first.

ideas: how to create your private homemade clip using the maker

Tips: Making video has some difference from making DVD movie. How to create clip with music for uploading? You need to prepare your pictures at first.Then you can following the steps below to create your clip for uploading.

1. Add pictures and create album. If you want to output multiple clips at a time, you need to create multiple albums.

2. Add background music into the different albums. You can add different music into different albums.

add music

3. Set the transition effects for image gallery. You can choose various dynamic transition effects for the pictures in the albums.

set transition

4. Choose a theme for image album. You can choose different themes for different albums. There are various flash themes for you to choose for video.

5. Output the clip. The Projector offers you all kinds of output formats like MPEG-4, MKV, H.264, 3GP, MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, SWF, FLV, 3GPP2, AVI, MOV. You need to choose a output for video clips. When the conversion is complete, you will get multiple music movies in a folder for uploading to YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, iPod, iPad, iPhone or other mobile device.

output formats

ideas: how to make private HD DVD movie using the projector

Using the slide show Projector, you can create HD homemade slide shows with images and video clips, make slide shows with just only pictures, create slideshows with just only video clips.

1. ideas for making homemade DVD movies with images. You can add pictures and create one or multiple albums, import background music to gallery, set animated transition effects, choose a theme, pick a dvd menu and burn the picture albums with background music into a DVD disc using the slide show projector.

2. ideas for making private DVD movies with just only video clips. You can add your clips to the maker, pick a menu and burn the o clips into a DVD disc so that the movies can be viewed on TV.

3. ideas for making DVD movies with pictures and video. You need to make different albums for adding video clips and pictures. The clips and pictures can not be placed on the same gallery. After you add image, you can add the background music to picture gallery, set dynamic transition effects, choose a theme, pick a menu for clips and image picture album. When all is OK, you burn the clips and photo gallery into a DVD disc.

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