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ideas:how to create merry movies, make and create unique merry Xmas gift

Xmas gifts ideas: How to make a musical Christmas Slideshow DVD, CD as a present at home

Christmas Day is coming. Do you want to make handmade Xmas gifts for your family or friends at home? Yes, you can create personalized, cool and unique handmade Christmas presents. For example, you can create HD Xmas musical slideshow DVD or CD discs as your unique and cool homemade Christmas gifts for your family or friends at home.

What is the Xmas slideshow DVD or CD? It is the animated and funny Christmas slide shows with music on a DVD or CD disc, which can be played on TV with a DVD or VCD player and be sent to others as presents.

Tool ideas: Photo DVD Maker is a creator for you to design your own handmade and homemade Xmas musical slide show DVD/CD, which can be played on TV with a DVD or VCD player. With this creator, you will design your cool and personalized merry Christmas homemade DVD/CD gift from photos and music in very easy steps.

ideas: How to make a merry Christmas homemade DVD/CD slide show gift at home?

Before you make a musical slide show DVD/CD present at home, you need to free download the maker and install it on your computer at first.

  • 1.Open Photo slideshows Movie maker on your PC.
  • 2. Click the “Add” button to insert your digital pictures and create picture album.
  • 3. Set the transition effect. Go to the "Transition & Music" tab and choose the animated transition effects for your personalized slideshows.
  • 4. Add music to the slideshows. You can add your funny Xmas music from your computer into the slide shows. You can multiple songs to the slideshows. If you want, you can also import your favorite songs from a CD disc and import them into the slide shows.

add music to slideshows

  • 5. Design photos. Double click one image and there will pop up an “Photo Configuration” window, where you can write your sayings, add Xmas texts or more to your slide show picture.
  • 6. Choose a theme. For example, you can choose a Christmas theme for your cool slide show.

xmas theme

  • 7. Choose a menu on the "Choose Menus" window. To make a funny Christmas DVD/CD present , you can choose a Christmas menu. If you want, you can also use your own Xmas photo to replace the background.

christmas menu

  • 8. burn photo slideshows with music to a DVD or CD disc. On the "Burn Disc" window, you can choose "DVD Video Disc" or "SVCD Video Disc" as slide show output format. And you also need to input DVD or CD disc. When all is OK, click "Burn Now!" to create your musical Xmas slide show DVD or CD present. (Note: you can create multiple copys as your presents)


ideas: How to send your handmade and homemade gifts to your friends?

After the conversion is complete, you will get Christmas slideshow DVD or CD disc presents. Then you can send the homemade gifts to your family or friends. After they receive your handmade gifts, they will be impressed and surprised via playing the musical merry Xmas slide shows on TV with a DVD or VCD player.

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