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handmade card designs, make a personalized Merry Xmas e Card designs ideas

Unique Xmas gifts ideas: How to make personalized Merry Christmas handmade Cards as presents

The new Merry Christmas Day is going to come and people are preparing their unique Christmas presents. What is the cool and good Xmas gifts for others? One of the good ideas is to make a personalised and unique handmade Christmas greeting e Card with greetings from pics for a gift. To create your own cool and good e cards as the present, you need to get a photo ecard maker at first.

Handmade Cards Making tool ideas: Flash Slideshow Maker is a good merry Xmas image card builder for you to create your own good, cool, unique and personalized greeting e-Cards for gifts. With the picture card builder, you can create a personalized greetings eCard from pictures or photos. Only just a few simple steps, you will get your good and personalised gift.

How to make your unique handmade merry Christmas greeting eCard as present?

The following tutorial will teach how to make your own cool and unique handmade Snowman Christmas greeting eCards as gifts. Before you make a good and unique Xmas greeting eCard present, you need to free download the Card Builder and install it on your Computer at first.

Now, let’s begin to create your own personalised handmade snowman photo eCards as Xmas presents.

The cool and personalized Flash Xmas eCard gift created by Flash Slide show Builder

  • 1. Open the good Christmas Flash picture eCard Maker on PC.
  • 2. Press the “Add” button to add your digital pictures for making eCard.
  • 3. Set cool effect for eCard. The Flash Card Maker offers all kinds of personalised and cool effect for you to choose for gift.
  • 4. To make a personalized and unique snowman e Card present, you can design pictures. Please double click one image and there will pop up an “Edit Photo” window, where you can write your best word, add cool Christmas Artclip or more so that your snowman greetings eCards gifts are personalized and Cool.

snowman ecards design(snowman Cards)

  • 5. Choose a Christmas template. The builder has two kinds of free template for making Cards. If you want to email your handmade Xmas eCards gifts to others in SWF file format, it is better to choose a basic template. I choose a Basic template. That is because the basic template will allow you get a simple SWF file for mailing your presents to others via email.
  • 6. To design a personalized Card, you can also add your best music. As we know, audio ecards gifts can make people more impressed when they receive them. Please click “Add” button to add music to your own snowman Card gift.

insert music

How to send your handmade snowman Xmas greeting e Card present via email?

1. Via email ideas: To send your snowman Merry Christmas greeting Card present to others via email, you need to get a SWF file. Go to the “Publish” window of the maker and select “Create Flash File Only” to publish your personalised picture e Card gift. In a few seconds, you will get your cool Xmas greeting e Card in SWF file format. How to embed it into your email? The best way is to attach it as the attachement in email.

2. Via traditional mailing ideas (for paper card presents): You can also send your presents to others using traditional mailing way. But you need to print the snowman ecard at first. After you publish it, you click the "View Flash Slideshow" button to view it in the browser. Please click "File" and choose "Print" or "Print Preview" to Print your paper cards one by one as the real presents.(Note:you still do not add sayings to the e card gift during making, you can write sayings to the paper card gifts now)


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