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How to make blogger slideshow and add to the blog post

Blogger slide show allows you to show your picture on the blog post in a special way. With a slideshow widget, you can make and add your photo slideshows to blogger blog easily. You can get a free slideshow widget and use it to make blogger blog slide show add the picture slide shows to blog post.

3D Flash Slideshow Maker is considered into the best free Blogger blog photo slide show widget for users. With this free slideshow widget, you can make dynamic slideshows and add them to blog post easily to show your image on the Internet. ( Free Download the blog photo slideshow widget )

Some ideas below about how to make blogger photo slideshows with a slide show widget. Before you want to make blog picture slide shows, you need to download the free photo slideshow widget and install it on your PC at first.

below are the dynamic Christmas slideshows created by the free blog flash widget:

Now, let’s begin to make blog photo slideshows for blogger with this free slide show widget

  • 1. Run the free picture slideshow widget on your computer and add your image to it.
  • 2. Set the slide show transition effects. The free widget has many built-in dynamic slideshow effects for users to choose to make blog picture slideshows.
  • 3. Choose the photo slide show template for your blogger picture slide shows. The free slideshow widget has built-in “Basic” and “Advanced” theme templates for users. This “Basic” slideshow template allows you to make simple blog picture slide shows and the “Advanced” slide show template allows you to make more eye-catching blogger blog picture slideshows.

free blog slide show widget

  • 4. Publish the blog picture slide shows to Go the “Publish window of the free slideshow widget and choose “Create Flash Files and Upload to” to publish your blogger blog slideshows on This free image slideshow widget will help you generate the blog slide show code on

get the blog picture slide show code

  • 5. Get the photo slide show code from Go to the website and you can see your creative blog picture slide shows. Get the blog picture slide show code and copy it. ( Note: before you upload the slideshows to, you need to register it and get an account at first )
  • 6. Paste the picture slide show code into your blogger blog post. After you copy the slideshow code, you will paste it to your blogger blog post. It is easy to do that.
  • 7. Publish the blog photo slide shows on your blogger. After you paste the slide show code into the post, you will preview the post and picture slideshows. When all is OK, click “publish” button to publish your blog post with the photo slide shows.

Now, you have known that how to make blog slide show with this free slideshow widget and publish your picture slideshows on Blogger.