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How to create a flash photo slideshow album ?

How to make and publish Flash Photo Slideshow Album ?

The development of digital technologies has led to the fact that almost every inhabitant of planet Earth, there is a huge photo archive. Just to show each other their photo masterpieces no longer fashionable. Not impressive. Therefore, in recent years widespread slide – shows or galleries. However, to take and create beautiful images to modern man is not enough. There is a desire to show handmade slide – show not only their relatives, Friends, acquaintances, but thousands of other soplanetnikov. And in this case the best way to do it – post your slide show in the Internet. Today we look at the program "Flash Slideshow Maker ", which will help not only create a beautiful slide show format SWF (Flash), but also to prepare a ready-made images to paste on your site.

Before making Flash Photo Slideshow Album, Please Free download the latest free trial version 3D SWF Flash Slideshow Maker Professional  from the developer’s site to install for free at first.(

 How to make  Flash Photo slide show Album ?

 After download, install and run the main window will appear. First; Flash Slideshow Maker guide shows us the files and folders on your computer. That is, the first stage we are invited to find and add to the project photos.

After a successful search for the necessary folder in the right part of the program will display a mini thumbnails. You can simply allocate the necessary icons with mouse and hold the left mouse button to drag them into the bottom of the screen, where there is currently situated inscription: Please double-click here or click "Add" button to get started. These things translated into English as “Please click here twice with the mouse or click on "Add" get started.

flash slideshow

In fact, the program gives us another way to add images. If you comply with the request of developers program and double-click on the specified field, then opens a window for adding photos. The same thing happens when I click "Add'.

How can you add photos to your project – the case of your habits. But to do so in any case necessary, because what kind of slideshow, if it will not appear on photos ?

 How to change the transitions between the slideshow photos?

After you add photos to your project in the bottom of the screen we find the mini sketches with pictures between which the original icon with a painted cubes. The fact that these icons represent the so-called transition effect between pictures (Transition Effect).

flash slideshow

A characteristic feature of this beautiful slide shows are nice transitions between images, ie images are not simply replace each other, and doing it with certain effects. For example, one flows seamlessly into another and so on.

Let’s click on the icon of any of the transitions. In the left pane to open a list of possible options for the transition from one picture to another, and in the right side will show a window called the "Preview" (preview). By clicking on any of the icons in the left pane, the right to be visually demonstrated by his work.

flash software

Below are two drop-down list:

Transition Duration – Here we have the opportunity to set the length of time the effect of transition

Photo slideshow Show Duration – This drop-down list allows you to set the duration of the show photos.

Pressing the button “Apply to selected, Will mean that changes will be applied only to the selected element. Pressing the same button “Apply to all“ Will apply changes to all elements of the project.

Once we figured out a little with transition effects, I think it’s time to change the description of every photo.

When something in ancient times, people used paper albums where pasted photos. Even since time immemorial, the custom tradition of signing their photos. Is difficult to say why this was done, apparently over the years people forget how he looked to the example 20 years ago. Whatever the case may be, this glorious tradition gradually migrated into digital photo slideshow albums or slide shows.

Now we just Let us signing photos. To do this at the bottom of the screen select the mouse icon with a photo, then moves to the top of the screen and they push the button "Properties".

flash photo slideshow

As we see, there is a new window. Where in the text field "Title" recommend to write the name of photographyname of photography. This is especially true for the photo made digital camera and faceless labeled type to describe your image, it will be the very same signature that 20 years from now you will recall the episode of your life, that was captured in the picture,So you get the opportunity ukarat his text: change fonts, allocate the necessary parts in bold, italics, in general, to apply all possible Hypertext Markup Language.

Finally, another useful field of this window is "URL". Program "Flash Slideshow Maker 4.91" gives us the opportunity to create a link to some sort of website. That is, when you view your slide show, you can click on a particular photo, and get on the site, which is specified in the field "URL".

To verify whether your link, you can click on the button "Check Valid", after which the program will open your browser and try to get to the site listed in the "URL".

 How to change the photo slideshow theme ?

When all the required fields are filled propose to proceed to the important stage of work – choosing and setting up the theme of our slideshow. We remember that our slide show will not show where – there, and the Internet, so besides the beautiful transitions to create an impressive cover.

For this, we at the top of the window click on the button "Theme", then just below the press the "Basic". We have before us appear a list of ready themes. Simply select a mouse that which is liked the most.
A little higher on the topics is a list of switches with flags. I would like to say a few words about the items that are located there.

flash software

Auto Play at Begin - If the check box next to the item set, then play the slide show starts automatically. Auto Repeat at End – When the box is checked, the end of a slide show showing photos begin anew.

Show Control Button – Mapping controls slide show. If this option is supplied, it will be displayed when viewing the control buttons that will stop the show, forced to make the transition to the next photo and so on.

Enable URL on Photo – Remember, not so long ago, we are inserted in the description of the photos link on the site? So this link will only work if the check box next to the item billed.

Continue playing after clicking – A crucial question: will the next play slide show, if committed by clicking the mouse on the photo.

 How to add background music into a slideshow?

It is time to decorate our slideshow sound. To do this, we go in the main menu "Music", and select the item called "Add Music file".

flash slideshow

After the window opens, allowing you to select a file with a musical composition from the disk of your computer. I note that you can add more of these files in the future, when playing a slide show, they will consistently play.

Creation (compilation) flash slideshow

We slowly approached the final stage of our work – the creation of slideshows. To do this, click on the button "Publish" on top of the screen.

Then we will present new controls. Where, in principle, we have to change only the following:

Output Folder - The folder where the resulting files will be created in our slide show

Flash File Name - The filename of the Flash, which actually will be the heart of our slide show. I strongly recommend to specify the name in Latin letters.

Html file name - After the creation of our project will create several files, one of whom will be in HTML. It is for him to contact the user when a visitor comes to view our slide show. I propose to call on the ancient tradition of the file index.html

When all the required fields are filled, we just press the button "Publish Now". After the slide show of the project, we will demonstrate the following window:

To view a slideshow created, we press the button "View Flash Slide Show", to open the folder where the files were created project should click on the "Open Output Folder".

flash slideshow maker

Publish the created flash photo  slideshow album  on the website or blog

Finally I would like to publish our slideshow on the site. For this we need to go to ftp to a server where files are stored site. We go in the root directory of the site.

In the root directory, create a folder "show", here we copy the files in our slide show. I did all this on site link to a slide show I have is as follows:

where created a folder and slideshow.html – the same HTML file, which we have labeled the final stage of creating a slide show.

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