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How to post and embed a Youtube video in to Facebook Page

Many Facebook users want post their YouTube videos on their Facebook but they do not how to do this. It seems very cool to post a video on Facebook pages. You can also create your photo slide show movie and upload to YouTube using Photo DVD Slideshow Maker.

How to put or post YouTube Videos on Facebook fan pages using Static FBML

To post a video in to Facebook business fan page, you need to follow some simple steps below:

Part 1. add the application called Static “FBML” . There are some steps guiding you how to add the static “FBML” to your pages.

add fbml

  1. Open your one business page, type “FBML” into the search box and you will see “Static FBML”. Please click the application and you will go to the application page.
  2. Click “Add to my page” to add the “FBML” to your Facebook fan page.

Part 2. embed and insert videos into Facebook business pages

To post a video on to the FBML Box of page, you can use the following simple tag style:

<fb:swf swfsrc=' video URL' imgsrc='activation image URL' width='the width parameter' height="the height papameter"/>


How to embed your YouTube videos on to Facebook?

To put a youtube video on page, the detailed tag you embed in FBML Box is:


After you open a video on YouTube, please replace "xxxxxxxxxx" with your video ID, which is the string of characters after the "v=" in the URL in your browser's address bar (up to the "&" or anything following it, if you see that after the string of letters and numbers).

For example:

your video URL is:

You will replace "xxxxxxxxxx" with "JOt5Qp0G9G8" in both places. Please see the detailed tag below:


The value "swfsrc" is a URL to the Flash file you want to insert (YouTube videos are in Flash format). The "imgsrc" is for a picture that user will see in the place of your video(It is the activation image). When a user clicks the image, your video will load and play.

The value "imgsrc" is just for the activation image. If you do not like to put a YouTube thumbnail as the activation image, you can use your own image. You can change the "imgsrc" URL to point to any one of your images you place online.

How to place your Video on the FBML Box?

For example, if you want to place your video or Flash file on the center of the FBML box of page, you will need to put it in a DIV and position the DIV using CSS. Please see the example below:


Well, it is easy for you to embed and insert a video on Facebook.


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