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How to embed SWF file, Flash animation movie, Picture gallery in Adobe PDF ebook

Many Adobe users would like to add some SWF Flash animation movies into PDF ebook document with Adobe Acrobat 6, Acrobat 7, Acrobat 8 or Acrobat 9. As we know, adding media files to your PDF ebook document can make your presentation more attractive and catch more people’s eyes.

As a powerful file editor, Adobe Acrobat (6, 7, 8, 9) allows user to import or insert a SWF flash animation movie in PDF presentation document.(Note: Before you import a SWF into PDF presentation, you also need to make your Flash animation at first. Here I recommend 3D Flash Slideshow Creator for you to make one easily)

How to add a SWF movie and embed into your ebook presentation

If the Advanced Editing toolbar is not open, you need to open it by choosing View >> Toolbars >> Advanced Editing. You will use this toolbar to add movies, animations, and sounds to your PDF ebook presentation.

using Acrobat

The following tutorial will show you how to embed and insert your SWF Flash animation movie into PDF document.

This a dynamic animation presentation created by Flash Slide show Creator

  • 1. Please open your Adobe PDF document in Adobe Acrobat (6, 7, 8,9).
  • 2. On the Tools menu, please click “Advanced Editing” and select the "Movie Tool".
  • 3. Use your mouse and draw a two point rectangle in the area that you want your animation movie to be in your ebook. The “Add Movie” dialog box will pop up.(What’s is “Add Movie” dialog box?  It is the entry for users to embed and import SWF into PDF files. If you want movie file to work with Acrobat (6, 7, 8, 9) or we want to embed the SWF file’s content into the PDF and this makes it easy for importing.)
  • 4. Select the Adobe Acrobat (6, 7, 8, 9) Compatible Media radio button.
  • 5. To specify the movie clip and type its file path or URL in the Location box or click the Browse button to locate the file on your computer. Once it’s located, please double-click the file to specify the file name and path into the Location box.

insert animation

  • 6. Choose the "Embed in document checkbox" to include or import the movie file in the PDF document. If this option is not marked, the document will include a link to the external file.

After embedding the SWF movie into your ebook, you need to create a poster image. The poster image is really just a placeholder for launching a Flash animation movie and it shows in PDF document. If you use mouse to click the poster image, your SWF Flash animation movie will launch and play.

How to create a poster picture?

1. In the “Add Movie” dialog box, locate the “Poster Settings” section.

2. Click the “Create poster from file” button, the poster is added into the location where the SWF Flash movie will play.

3. Click “OK” to save the settings for the “Add Movie” dialog box.

4. Save and Close your PDF file.

How to watch or view your inserted SWF flash in the PDF ebook document?

Please open your PDF file and click the poster image to launch the SWF Flash. Well, your animation plays in the preselected area of the ebook.


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