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How to embed SWF flash file, banner, header, photo gallery into Facebook page

Many Facebook users would like to customize their fan pages with SWF flash files so as to put banner, header, dynamic photo gallery on their Facebook business pages. How to embed or insert flash file into Facebook fan page? It seems interesting for users who want to put or place flash swf file on their Facebook pages.

To embed flash banner intro, dynamic picture gallery into Facebook business fan page in swf format, you need to install another application. We call it widget or plugin. 3D Flash Slide show Maker is professional flash intro banner, header widget, picture album plugin for Facebook. With this plugin, you can create or make banner, header, intro and image gallery (XML-driven or without XML-driven) in very simple steps , upload them into your website and embed into Facebook fan pages. ( Free Download it Now)

How to put or post flash intro, banner, header or picture gallery on fan pages

There are 3 steps for you to embed SWF files into your business fan pages:
Step1: Add the Static “FBML” application widget to page
Step2: Make SWF flash slide show file and upload to your website
Step3: Get the slide show script code from your web page
Step4: Insert the script code into “FBML” textbox

Part 1. To add SWF file to your pages, you also need to add another app widget called “FBML” to your pages at first. There are some steps guiding you how to add the “FBML” widget to your page.

add fbml application plugin

  1. Open your page, type “FBML” into the search box and you will see “Static FBML”. Please click the application and you will go to the widget application page.
  2. Click “Add to my page” on the top left side of the page to add the “FBML” plugin to your fan page.

Part 2. How to embed or insert swf files into your pages

Go back to your page and click “Edit Page” to your application page, where you will see many applications. You will see you will see something that says ” FBML – Add advanced functionality to your Page using the Facebook Static FBML application. This application will add a box to your Page in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) for enhanced Page customization.”
Please click “Edit” to edit your FBML box. In ”Box Title” area, you can type a title for the box. In this “FBML” area you can insert your swf files like flash intro, banner or header and dynamic photo album.  To insert or post swf file to this area, you must use the following tag style:
<fb:swf swfsrc='link to your swf file' />

Below is an example for one of my business pages. You’ll see that you need to make a picture the exact size of your swf flash for clicking on first to activate your flash slide show.
My code is:

insert flash script code into pages

width='520' height='320' />

Note: : must be changed to %3A, / changed to %2F for FBML
You can see that I embed XML-driven flash slide shows into my Facebook page. The Static “FBML” widget app supports XML-driven slideshows and the other ordinary SWF file slide shows. If you want to insert the ordinary swf file (without XML-driven) to your fan pages, you can use the following tag style:

width='520' height='320' />

After you edit the script code, click “Save changes”. You will see the box on the right side of your fan page. If you do not want the box the right hand side, you can also add it as a tab at the top by clicking the “+” icon.
Click the “FBML” tab on your page, you will see a picture at first. Please press the picture and your flash slide shows will load and display.

embed swf file to fan page


But before you insert or embed the flash file in to your Facebook page, you also need to create a flash slide show and upload files to your website at first with a Flash slideshow Maker, which allows you to make or create Flash intro, dynamic banner or header, animated picture album.
How to make SWF Flash file easily? ( Learn more)

After you create your SWF flash files, you need to upload them into your website. If you think your files are OK showing on website, you will get the flash script code in the web page and insert it into your Facebook business Page. ( Learn more about how to upload slideshows to website)

It is easy for you to embed your flash intro, banner or header, dynamic photo gallery into your Facebook business pages.

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