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Create memorial slideshows suggestions, Make high definition slide shows ideas

Ideas: How to create great HD family slideshows with songs and photos

There are some suggestions in the following for you to make a good high definition slide show in this article.

HD family slideshows with songs and dynamic transition effects will attract more people’s attention. You can put family slide shows with music onto a HD blu-ray or other DVD disc as a gift and send it to your relatives, friends for sharing the animated high resolution picture slide shows on TV.

Great HD Family DVD image slide shows allows contains pictures, motion background music, proper theme, eye-catching transition effects, funny quotes and DVD playing menu. How to create great high resolution family music slides? There will be some suggestions or ideas for you. You need to prepare family images, motion background music, funny quotes and good slide show Maker software program and a high definition Blu-ray or other DVD discs.

The best Slide Show Maker software program suggestions: the best slide show app program should allow users to import pictures, add background music, set animating transition effects, choose theme for slides, edit images and select slide show playing menu. Photo DVD Maker is said to be the best HD slide show software program for windows OS. Before you make good HD family slides with songs, you need to free download the best slide show maker program to install on your computer at first. Then you can run the best slideshow app to create your high resolution family slide shows with songs.

Free download the best HD slide show software program (Also Review 3D SWF Flash Gallery Maker)

Ideas: some simple steps that guide you how to to create great high definition slideshows with songs.

add background music

  • 1. Run the maker app program on your PC. When you run the software, you will see a easy-to-use user interface and all kinds of function tabs.
  • 2. Ideas for images. On the “Organize Photo” window of the user interface, click the “Add” to import your prepared pictures and create album, then arrange the picture showing order for the slides. How to make a harmonious slideshow? Some other good suggestions for you. You need to place the elder person’s pictures on the first place and the younger person’s images on the back place. For example, you should place grandpa and grandma’s images on the first place in the slideshows, then your father and mother’s pictures, your photos should be on the last place.
  • 3. Ideas for songs. On the "Transition & Music" tab, you “Add” button to add the background music to the slideshows. You can add multiple songs, but be sure that you import relevant and proper music to the slides so that the high definition animation slide show looks harmonious and great on TV. If you would like to make or create a long memorable family picture slideshow, you can import more than one piece of music to the slideshows.

add background music to slide shows

  • 4. Ideas for transition effects. The maker app program has over 260 built-in dynamic transition effects for you to choose for slides. You can set the transition effects for the slideshows so that they can looks eye-catching on the "Transition & Music" tab.
  • 5. Album theme suggestions. To make an funny family slideshow with songs, you can choose a funny theme and then preview the slides on the “Album Preview” tab. Here, you can add quotes into the "Title" textbox for your family quotes.
  • 6. Picture decoration suggestions. Double click one of images and there will pop up a “Photo Configuration” window, where you can add the text, title or ArtClips to the photos to decorate slide show images. You can also add the quotes to the pictures here.
  • 7. DVD playing menu suggestions. How to choose a good and funny menu for slide shows? To create a memorable slideshow, you need to choose a menu. If you don't find a proper theme menu, you will use your own family picture to replace the DVD menu background image. You can also set the slideshows playing ways. For example, if you add more than one picture albums, then you can set the slides playing automatically one by one on TV on “Menu Navigator” tab. After you finishing setting, you will preview the HD slideshow with background songs.

choose menu for slide shows

  • 8. How to burn the high definition memorable slideshows with music to disc? On the “Burn Disc” widow, you can choose the “Output Format” as "DVD video Disc" or “Blu-ray Disc”. For example, if you want to make ordinary HD slide show DVD, you will choose"DVD video Disc"; if you would like to create high resolution Blu-ray slideshows, you will choose "Blu-ray Disc". When all setting is OK, you will click “Burn Now!” to burn the memorable family slide shows with music to a Disc. Note: If you create blu-ray slide shows, they will be burned into a project folder for the HD Blu-ray disc. When the converting is OK, you will use the free image ISO file burning software (ImgBurn) to burn the project to the high resolution Blu-ray disc. It is easy to do that.

make high definition blu-ray dvd music slide show

  • 9. Put the memorable HD family slideshows on TV. After you finish burning the slide show project to DVD disc, you will preview these slide shows on computer at first. If the slides are OK, then you can insert the disc into DVD player to play and watch high definition family slides on TV. You will enjoy your dynamic high resolution slide shows on big TV screen with animated transition effects and songs.


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