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How to make digital photo,image or picture presentation

What is the meaning of digital photo,image or picture presentation ?

How to make a digital photo presentation from the photo collection ? You need to understand the meaning of digital photo presentation at first.The digital image presentation is meaning that powerful picture collection that contains many photos with all kinds of dynamic photo presentation transition effect and the photo presentation theme to express the emotions and memories for people created by the photo presentation software.And A digital picture presentation looks like a movie or video that show image one by one.A wonderful digital photo presentation can help people express their feelings and thinkings well .To make a digital image presentation to express your own emotions and memories is not difficult but easy with the professional digital photo presentation software.The creative digital image presentation needs to be advisable for setting and design in the photo presentation softwre, and the relevant the element in the digital picture presentation should also be assort with each other. A wonderful digital picture presentation is that the image presentation has the advisable setting and design,and the consistency for digital photo presentation transition effect and picture presentation theme .In fact, a movie or video can sometimes be a quick playing digital picture presentation to show all kinds of images or photos.And with a professional photo presentation software,you can make a slow playing picture presentation movie or video.

The first step for choosing a good digital phot,picture or image presentation software

The first thing for you is to choose a appropriate digital photo presentation software for yourself.You need to purchase a digital picture presentation software that offers you a lot of flexibility for making digital image presentation. You can choose an easy to use but powerful digital picture presentation software.A powerful digital photo presentation software named DVD Photo Slideshow Maker maybe the good selection for you to make your own digital picture presentation.I like to use this digital photo presentation software to make my own digital image presentations. As a powerful digital photo presentation software, DVD Photo Slideshow not only focuses on digital DVD picture presentation,but also fucuses on the digital picture presentation video for all kinds of popular presentation output,such as MP4,FLV,SWF,WMV,AVI,MOV and so on.With the digital photo presentation software,you can quickly make a dynamic and coherent digital photo presentation just only with some simple clicks. To make a digital picture presentation for myself, I would like to choose DVD photo Slideshow as the image presentation software,which is powerful and easy to use for create digital photo presentation.If you want,you can also use the photo presentation to convert AVI video to the DVD image presentation for playing on TV. ( Review 3D SWF Flash Photo Gallery Maker)

Add photos or videos to the digital photo presentation software's working place

To make a digital photo presentation, you need to organize pictures at first for importing in the photo presentation software. This step in the process varies from show to show, depending on who is for the digital photo presentation o rpicture presentation. If this digital image presentation is for yourself or your family, you should go through all of your pictures and pull out all of the ones that you think would mean something to the audience. If you plan on playing the digital photo presentation show at a family reunion, be sure to ask other members of the family to share their pictures or images as well. If you get photos from all corners of the family, more people in the audience will understand and appreciate the digital photo presentation. If the image presentation is for someone outside the family, they will have to give you the pictures or images. They could do this one of two ways. They could either give you a box with all of the images they have, and ask you to go through them, or they could give you just the digital photos they want in the digital photo presentation. The second way is obviously the easiest for you. It helps if they pick out the digital photos, because they know what they mean, who’s in them, etc.

You can put the digital picture presentation in the right order by using the photo presentation software once you have all of the photos if you want.Chronological order is a great way to organize family photos for digital picture presentation. Once again, if the digital photo presentation is for someone else, asking them to help you with the presentation order is a wise choice. It takes someone who understands the photos to know what order will be the most effective. For example, if you make a digital photo presentation for your parents' anniversary, you would most likely put them as children first, work up to their marriage, then start with your generation, then move on to your kids, nephews, etc. If the digital photo presentation is acting as your portfolio, then I would recommend grouping the pictures both by subject and by quality. The same rule applies to images as it does to writing: finish with your strongest. So put what you consider your weakest set first, and finish with the strongest set. The end is what people remember the best! The right order of photos is important for making a wonderful digital photo or image presentations.

Add background music for the digital photo,image or picture presentation

Adding background music is the next step by using the photo presentation software to make this digital image presentation.The background music in a digital photo presentation could never be so overbearing that it takes away from the digital image presentation, it should complement your digital photo presentation. For example, if your grandparents asks you to make a digital picture presentation, would you put the Black Eyed Peas in it? No, you wouldn’t. I am personally fond of a piano playing in the background of a digital photo presentation.The soft background music is a must, and if it does have words, they should be something reflective. Some of Five for Fighting’s music sounds good with a digital photo presentation, and Snow Patrol has a couple, but lots of things work. I’m not a big music listener, so ask someone else if you can’t find the right music for your photo or image sideshow presentation..
Once you have all your digital pictures and video in the working place of the digital photo presentation software, with background music, you are on to the last details! Your next step is to set the transition effects for digital photo presentation.The transition effect could be simple, smooth,quick,slow or more selection for digital image presentation . Anything else will be distracting and is at high risk of appearing tacky. That’s all I have to say on that issue!

What kind product for digital photo,image or picture presentation you will make ?

To enjoy your creative digital photo presentation out of the picture presentation software,you need to make digital picture presentation be a final product. You can decide what kind of image presentation product for digital picture presentation you need.You can make a photo presentation VCD/SVCD/DVD , which can be played on TV with DVD players .You can make digital photo presentation video that can be the popular video format for mp4,flv,mpeg,mov,wmv,avi or more.If you make a digital image presentation for flv video format,you can put the digital photo presentation on YouTube;If you make a digital image presentation for the mp4 video format,you can upload the digital picture presentation video to MySpace and Facebook.You can also make digital photo presentation for SWF video format,which can be shown on the website.If you want ,you can also make a digital photo presentation as the Flash output for the Web Album for your website.You can also make digital picture presentation for the 3gp video format,which can be player on the cell phones.Of course,all the format for the digital picture presentation can be played on PCs.With a powerful digital photo presentation software,you can show your digital picture presentation on YouTube,MySpace and Facebook,add your digital photo presentation to your website or blog,play digital image presentation on TV with DVD player,enjoy your digital photo presentation on all kinds of mobile device,such as iPod,iPad,PSP,PDA,Archor and more other mobile device.


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