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Make cool and horrible scene slides, scare others on Halloween night

How to create a cool and scary scene Halloween slideshow using horrible picture and spooky sound

How to create cool but horror Halloween presentation slideshows with spooky picture and horrible background sound? Wow, it seems very interesting. With the coming of Hallowmas, people would like to make the animated horror scene Halloween slide show presentation using scary image and spooky background sound to scare others like family, friends, Children, son or daughter and make them live a memorial night.

To create an animated cool slide show, you need to prepare spooky pictures or photos, decorations, words, sound or music and even video at first. Then you also need to get a Slide Show Creator . DVD Picture Slide Show Maker is a professional image slide show creator for users to make or create cool animated background scene slideshows to scare others on Halloween night with horrible sound or music and scary pictures.

The following tutorial will teach you how to make or create successfully cool and scary Halloween presentations slide shows using spooky images and horrible background sound

There are some easy steps for you to create cool and scary scene Halloween presentations slides with horrible photos and spooky sound or music

Before you begin to make the Hallowmas slides to scare others, you need to download the Slide Show Maker and install it on your computer at first.

Now, let’s begin to create your cool and spooky scene slides to scare others on night.

Part 1: load horror images or pictures into the creator
When you open the slide show presentation maker, you could load the horror images into it by pressing “Add” button. You can also arrange the photograph playing order using your mouse to drag and drop.

Part 2: Decorate the slides using horrible element
To make scary image slide show, you can also decorate pictures. You can type spooky words onto the pictures with the Artclip decoration. You can add horror Text into the images in Green or Red color.

Part 3: Set transition effects for slides
In this “Transition & Music” tab, you may set the related picture transition effects to enhance the horror of slideshows.

Part 4: Add scary sound, voice, song or music
In “Transition & Music” tab, you could add background music. You could add horrible music or sound, your own customized horror voice or other related spooky songs into the scary Hallowmas slide shows.
Part 5: Choose a Halloween theme

hallowmas slide shows theme
In the “Album Theme” tab, you may choose an animated Allhallowmas theme for slide shows. And you could also add the slideshow title on the beginning and end of Hallowmas slide shows.

Part 6: Pick a DVD menu
If you want to make a DVD slide show for watching on TV, you need to pick a menu. You could a Halloween background theme menu for slideshows. You can also use your own customized Hallowmas picture as the menu background.

hallowmas slide shows menu
Note: If you don’t want to make DVD slide show, you do not need to choose a Halloween background menu.

Part 7: Publish your cool and Scary Halloween picture slide shows
Go to the “Burn Disc” window, where you can choose various output format. For example, if you want to make DVD image slideshows for watching on TV, you will choose ”DVD video disc” as output. Of course, you can also create SVCD, VCD 2.0 or Blu-ray Slideshows for watching on TV to scare others. If you want to show your Halloween image slideshows on YouTube, Facebook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP or other mobile device, you can publish Spooky slide shows as videos like MPEG-4, MPEG, MOV, MKV, H.264, FLV, AVI, SWF, MP4, 3GP, 3GPP2.

How to show your cool but Horrible slideshows to scare others like Children, friends and family on Halloween night

You can put the Scary DVD, VCD, SVCD or blu-ray slide shows on TV to show to Children, your family, your son or daughter. You can post the Spooky video slideshows on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, or blogs to scare your friends. You can also You can also put the horror scene slide shows on iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP or other mobile device to scare others.


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