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How to use iDVD to create and burn or write Slide Show to DVD on MAC

Want to show your Picture Slide Shows and Video slideshows with the digital memories but do not know how to use iDVD to create or make the image or video slideshows on MAC? iDVD is a built-in but easy to use DVD Slide show maker or creator for users to write pictures and videos into DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW disc on MAC. With MAC iDVD Slide Show Maker, you will make or create slide show project with pictures or videos and burn or write the slideshow project into DVD disc on MAC in a few minutes easily. With the MAC iDVD burner, you will show your image and video Slide shows on Apple TV, computer or other mobile DVD player device easily.

Here is an iDVD tutorial that guides you how to use iDVD to make or create image with video slide shows and burn onto a DVD disc on MAC. ( review other more professional and powerful Slide show creator )

How to create or make Picture or video Slide Show project via iDVD and burn slideshows to DVD on MAC

Open this iDVD slideshow maker and choose Magic iDVD on MAC. Then choose a theme and import your photos or videos into it from the iLife Media Browser. It will automatically create or make a perfect slide show project for you via Magic iDVD . When all is OK, you will burn the image or video slide show project into a DVD disc.

See the detailed tutorial below about how to use Magic iDVD to add photos or images, import videos, choose theme, customize menu, burn or write slide show project onto a DVD disc with iDVD on MAC.

  • Part 1. How to add your digital photos or videos into iDVD
  • To create an interactive DVD with pictures and videos, the idea choice is Magic iDVD. You could make easy slideshow project via Magic iDVD. Open iDVD and choose Magic iDVD, then choose a theme and name your slide show project. Then you may browse the media folder to find the items to add to the slideshows. You can add audio music file, photos or images and movies.

    choose theme for slideshows

    It is easy to add the music, image or video to the project by dragging and dropping with your mouse clicking.

    Note: If you want to add videos to iDVD, you also need to know that only MP4 and MOV video can be compatible with iDVD at present. Here, I just guide you how to add the videos via Magic iDVD. Click “Movies” and browser your folder to add videos. Adding picture or image to iDVD is as the same step as adding video to it.

    add video files to idvd

    If you want to see the effect of slideshows, then you will click “Preview” to preview your slide shows. There will be a preview window appearing.

  • Part 2. How to customize your Slide show menu
  • You can customize the DVD menu easily in this burner on MAC. To make or create your eye-catching slide shows, you can also customize the menu or add other slide show transition effects. You can also set the menu information by clicking the “Menu Info” button at the bottom left of the window to the setting dialog panel, where you can adjust the settings like loop duration time, audio volume, buttons and drop zone.

    customize menu on idvd


  • Part3. How to burn or write the slide show Project to a DVD disc
  • make and burn slideshows

    When your slide shows are OK, then you click “burn” to burn the picture or video slide shows to DVD movie. This will cost you some time to complete the process of burning. When this process is completed, you will make a slide show DVD which can be played on Apple TV, PC or other portable DVD movie player device.

    Note: How to create and save the ISO image file

    Sometimes, some MAC users also want to make an ISO image project file and save on MAC computer, but they do not know how to save it. Click “file” menu and choose “Save as Disc Image” and the file will be saved on your computer. If you want, you can also use other burner to write or burn the ISO file onto DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW disc easily.