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How to burn pictures with video clips to HD DVD slide show and watch on TV

Many people would like to watch or view their pictures or images with the video clips on TV, but they do not how to achieve that. How to view or watch your picture or image with videos clip on TV to others? It is easy to do that if you use a DVD slide show builder, which allows you to burn or convert image, picture or photo with the video clips to HD playable DVD slide shows.

The following tutorial will guide you how to burn or convert pictures, photos or images with the videos to HD DVD slideshows.

DVD Photo Slide show Professional ( Free download to use ) is a picture slide show builder, which allows you to burn or convert your image, picture with the videos clips to HD DVD slide shows. With this image slide show builder software, you can import picture or image and videos clip, then burn or convert them to a DVD disc as the HD playble slideshows for TV.

How to import your images, pictures or photos to HD playble slide show builder software

Run the slide show software and click “Add” button to import your pictures. You can add more than 1000 images to the slide show builder easily. After you import your photos, you can set the playing order of pictures for of the slideshows by using your mouse.

    Part 1. To make audio picture slide shows, you can also add background music by clicking “Add” button on “Transition & Music” tab. You can add multiple songs for the high definition playable slideshows easily.

    add music to slide shows

    Part 2. To make your HD picture slide show look eye-catching, you can also decorate images. Double click one image and there will pop up a “Photo Configuration” window, where you can decorate the photos one by one for the slide shows.

    Part 3. You can also choose a dynamic theme for your high definition picture slide shows. In the “Album Theme” tab, you can choose a proper theme for the playable slideshows and you can view or watch the image slideshows on “album Preview” tab.

    How to import your video clips to the slide show builder software

    Click “Organize” menu and choose “Add Video Clips” to import video clips. You can one or more video clips to the slide show software easily. You can pre view your imported videos on the “Album Preview” tab.

    How to choose a DVD menu for high definition slide shows

    choose a dvd menu

    To put your playable image and video clip slideshows on TV, you also need to choose a DVD menu for slide shows. You can also preview and watch your playable HD DVD slideshows on the “Preview” tab. (Note: To make your photo slide shows and video clip slideshows look continuous and unified, you also choose the slide show playing way as “Play next album. Back to the first album after the last album”)

    How to Burn or convert picture slide shows with the videos to DVD disc

    burn slideshows to dvd

    Go to “Burn Disc” window. Here you can choose “DVD video disc” as the output format for your image and video clip slideshows. When you think all is OK, click “Burn Now!” button to convert the photo slide shows and videos to DVD disc.

    play the high definition picture and videos clip slideshows on TV

    Input the playable image slideshow DVD disc into the DVD player and you HD slide show pictures and video clips will be watched and viewed on the big TV screen.

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