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How to add dynamic flash Christmas light decoration slideshow gallery to blog ?

With the coming of Christmas Day, all kinds of beautiful Christmas tree light decoration can be seen here and there.At this time,people would like to take some beautiful christmas tree light decoration by using their camera.But how to share your christmas light decoration photos with friends well ?The best way is to make a dynamic photo album showed on the Internet.Sometimes,the dynamic photo can attract people's eyes more easily than the still original photos.Let's do a comparison now.

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Below is the still christmas tree light decoration photo,it is still and not easy to attract friends's eyes on the Internet.The still original can just be shared one by one not like the dynamic photo album.


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  • Why do you add dynamic flash slideshow gallery to blogger blog

Adding flash slideshow gallery to your own blogger can really make your posts or article popular. by using flash slideshow gallery tool,you can create all kinds of dynamic flash slide show gallery easily.The dynamic flash slideshow gallery on your blog which can attract visitor's eyes. It is no doubt that dynamic flash slideshow gallery can help you bring amount of traffic to your blog.There are many flash slideshow creator,but I like to use the latest free version of Flash Slideshow Maker .With Flash Slide show Maker software,you can make your own flash slide show gallery easily without knowing anything about Flash to create a slick Flash slideshow .
  • Add a flash slideShow gallery to your blogger blog
Making a flash slideshow gallery and embedding it into your Blogger blog is easier than you imagine. You just need to download the trial version of Flash Slideshow Maker 4.90 for free to do it quickly and easily. As the powerful flash slideshow creator,it outputs your slide show gallery into a .swf file and then it upload the flash slideshow gallery to the Flash Slideshow Space . After uploading,you can copy and paste the flash slideshwo gallery into your blogger posts and the flash slideshow gallery has been embeded into your blogger blog now.
Where can I use Flash slideshow Gallery on My Bloger blog ?or Let Your blog wear the Flash slideshow not Flash slideshow wear the blog ?
Use your flash slideshows galery with discretion. Accent your blog and don't make it integral part of your blog. I use them as part of a post in Blogger blog. They are eye-catching and often beautifu,dynamic. From a SEO point of view,they should compliment a wonderful post and not be the post .
  • How to make your animating flash slideshow gallery
You need to output your flash slideshow gallery as .swf format. If your flash slideshow software creates a simple .swf output file,you use it easily.More complicated flash slideshow galleries with thumbnails,dynamic transition effects,backgroud music will also output.xml files and other relavant files your lash slideshow need.
You can get a free trial and the latest flash slideshow maker easily. I really like to use Flash Slide Show Maker Professional 4.90 create my flash slideshow gallery.
There are two steps for helping you embed your creative Flash slideshow gallery into your Blogger post. It is very simple and easily to finish that.
During using Flash Slideshow Maker to creating your flash slideshow gallery,you can click the "Upload" button to upload creative flash slideshow gallery XML file to the slideshow Space to show. If you want your flash slideshow gallery can be uploaded to the flash slideshow space,you need to register a numbuer at first. It is also very simple to finish it .
  • How to embed your dynamic flash slideshow Gallery into Blogger blog
    When using Flash Slideshow Maker,all the jobs are ready for you.After uploading your flash slideshow gallery to the Slideshow Space,you can see your dynamic flash slide show gallery playble in the Slideshow Space.The flash slideshow space not only help you dispaly the flash slideshow gallery,but also help you show the slide show gallery XML code. This is very important for you .You can copy the flash slideshow gallery code first,then paste it into Blogger post on the HTML interface.And you can also customize parameters of the width and heigh of your flash slideshow gallery .The design can help your beautiful dispaly well in the blog post. After customizing,you can preview the post with your dynamic flash slideshow gallery.
    If you think your flash slideshow gallery and post are OK, you can publish your post with the dynamic flash slideshow gallery now .

If you are intereted in More dynamic Flash Slideshow Galleries, you can see more from Flash Slideshow Maker website

Flash Slide show Maker free download to be used to make dynamic Christmas flash photo gallery or album

  • Flash Slideshow Maker also supplies dynamic 3D theme templates that you can use to make your dynamic and rolling 3D flash slideshow album easily

  • Flash Slideshow Maker also supplies beautiful festival theme templates which you can use to make all kinds of festival slideshow album, such as Christmas slideshow, Thanksgiving slideshow, Hallowmas slideshow, New Year slideshow, Valentine's day slideshow, Birthday slideshow and so on

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