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How to create swf flash animations, burn and backup onto DVD disc

Tips: How to burn and backup swf flash animation slide show onto DVD disc

How to backup your creative flash animation slide shows? You need to burn the creative slide show into DVD disc with a swf DVD burner. Backup flash animation slideshows onto a disc and play on TV seems very interesting. It is a good idea to backup your flash slide show animations into a disc for a long time. If you backup your creative flash animation slide shows onto a DVD disc with a swf DVD burner or burning software , you can not only play it on TV, but also you can send the disc as a gift to your friends to share the work.

How to backup your eye-catching flash animations into a DVD disc with a swf burner or burning software? Flash Slide show Maker is an easy-to-use but powerful swf flash to DVD burner that allows you to burn the animation onto a disc. With this swf burning software, you can not only create your eye-catching flash with your photo collection, but also you can burn it into a DVD disc to backup your creative slideshows.

To backup your eye-catching slide show into a disc, you need to free download the swf burning software and install on your computer at first.

The following tips will show you how to create your swf slide shows and burn them onto a disc to backup

Part 1: How to create your flash slide show animations

There are simple steps for you to create or make your flash animations with the swf DVD burner. To backup you flash slideshows, you need to create them at first.

  • 1. Run this powerful swf burning software on your computer and start a project .
  • 2. Click “Add” button on the burner to import photos from your picture collection. After you add pictures, you can begin to edit the photos with some built-in decoration effects. Double click one of images, there will be pop up an “Edit Photo” window, then you can decorate the images.
  • 3. Set the flash transition effects for your animations. In this swf burning software, you can set all kinds of animated animation effects for your slide shows. This swf DVD burner also supports transition effect previewing function for you to preview each effect.

choose a flash template

  • 4. Choose the “Advanced” theme template for your animation. The swf DVD burner has various animating theme templates for you to choose for the animations. There are “Basic” and “Advanced” theme templates for you. If you want to create simple flash animation, you can choose a “Basic” theme template. If you want to make customizable animations, you can choose an “Advanced” theme template.
  • 5. Add music to your flash animations. If you are creating customizable animation, please click “+” button or “Get from CD” button to add music.
  • 6. Edit your animation. This burning software allows you to decorate your swf animation. You can click “Customize Properties” to the properties window to set various parameters for your animations.
  • 7. Preview your flash animations. The swf burner also supports animation previewing function. After you choose your favorite theme template, you can begin to preview the animation.

Part 2: How to burn and backup your creative flash animations onto a DVD disc

backup flash to dvd disc

After you finish creating flash slide show animations, the next step is to burn and backup the swf animations into a DVD disc.

Go to “Publish” window and choose “Make a gift/Presentation CD/DVD”, then insert a bank disc into this burner and begin to burn your animation slide shows to the DVD disc so as to backup your work.

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