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How to make a dynamic Christmas tree light decoration photo album ?

With the coming of Christmas Day, all kinds of beautiful Christmas tree light decoration can be seen here and there.At this time,people would like to take some beautiful christmas tree light decoration by using their camera.But how to share your christmas light decoration photos with friends well ?The best way is to make a dynamic photo slideshow album showed on the Internet.Sometimes,the dynamic photo can attract people's eyes more easily than the still original photos.Let's do a comparison now.

Below is the still christmas tree light decoration photo,it is still and not easy to attract friends's eyes on the Internet.The still original can just be shared one by one not like the dynamic photo album.

christmas decoration photo

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Below is the dynamic Christmas tree light decoration photo slideshow album I made.You can see that many beautiful and dynamic in the photo album.All the Christmas light decoration photos can be showed easily.And the Christmas tree light decoration photo slideshow album can be play by anyone so as to enjoy all the Christmas light decoration photos freely.

( The Christmas decoration photo album can be play by clicking the play button on the album interface)

The first Christmas tree light decoration photo album(you can click the play button on the photo album interface to play the Christmas tree light decoration photo album by yourself)

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    To konw about how to make a dynamic web photo album and learn to make your own Chrstmas Day photo album.

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